India, China’s first bitcoin bitcoin leader Unocoin app released mobile application

India, China’s first bitcoin bitcoin leader Unocoin app released mobile application

India bitcoin company leader Unocoin recently announced a Android iOS equipment can be applied to the new mobile app, which is India’s first mobile bitcoin services company, the user through the app can be 24 hours all-weather real-time query bitcoin market prices and trading dynamic.

A few weeks ago released in this application, Unocoin activated their new application programming interface. In application, users can purchase, sale, sending, receiving and storing bitcoin.

This start-up company said launch this application is very timely, because bitcoin acceptance in India is rising rapidly, especially after the India government decided to cancel the 500 and 1000 rupees. They think this will help promote the birth of APP mainstream bitcoin.

At present, more than 1 billion Indians use mobile phone, more than 300 million people frequently use mobile phone Internet, the trend in the future will continue to increase. We are committed to the design and interaction in the mobile terminal to provide users with a seamless experience. For us, the simple interactive operation of consumer satisfaction is the most important, we want to make it easier for users to manage their digital currency assets on a mobile phone.” Unocoin co-founder and chief marketing officer of AbhinandKaseti said.

According to official data released, the app will contain all types of services provided by the official website Unocoin. It will provide India rupees purchase and sale price of bitcoin on the horse; and digital satellite mobile payment service. Unocoin in both Appstore and Playstore released its app cash register, can let the store to accept bitcoin payments.

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