India narcotics officers accused of stealing bitcoin is currently India’s official detention

India narcotics officers accused of stealing bitcoin is currently India’s official detention

Recently, India Narcotics Control Bureau officials were accused of Mafia investigation to steal the bitcoin assets frozen by the government.

In the past few years, the India law enforcement agencies have been investigating the strengthening of domestic underground network. India narcotics control board (NCB) has multiple copies of report, they attack senior supplier black deep web.

NCB has been involved in a special black social survey since 2015. Now, some scandal about NCB officials were also exposed. They are under the supervision of, because they have been stolen bitcoin charges.

Some people use NCB officially thawed seized bitcoin account

According to the report, Sayn La Kumar Singh (SatyendraKumarSingh) in cooperation with a number of controlled underworld suppliers, confiscated from the underworld organization’s assets stole from the official freezing bitcoin.

The National Coordination Bureau arrested the underworld organization on 2015, on charges of trafficking and drug trafficking. After being arrested, according to sources, the underworld supplier obtained bail, and received funding from Singer.

The underworld supplier, he won the high court granted bail in 2016, NCB asked a bitcoin account information report to him; and understand that Singer has passed the authorization letter stamped in the NCB header in July 2016 to freeze the account sign.

Because Singer does not have such authority, so the censors began an internal investigation to him.

The investigators will focus on the Singer deal

The forged NCB letters for sending 420 officials to bitcoin NCB Singer. Prosecutors said Singer received the money after the bitcoin distributed to all staff for bail. Allegedly, Singer was allowed to keep half of bitcoin. Investigators say Singer is one of the drug traffickers was accused of bribery.

Currently Singer has been suspended by the India authorities NCB, and crime branch formally charged. The relevant personnel involved have been detained.

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