India news: bitcoin is the world’s most valuable currency

India news: bitcoin is the world’s most valuable currency

The recent continuous rise in the price of bitcoin has attracted a lot of mainstream media attention, including more than 1.5 million viewers, one of the largest ZeeNews India news network. Recently, the media described the potential of bitcoin and global application, and the price of a forecast. Business executives and senior editor ZeeNews SudhirChaudhary hinted that considering the public demand for encryption currency constantly on the rise, bitcoin prices will reach 1 million.

Live in time for the millions of active audience, Chaudhary bitcoin described as “the world’s most valuable currency”, he also said the ZeeNews network decided to launch a full program, used to discuss the India government recently frozen a bitcoin transaction.

Chaudhary said:

“We are doing this, because the India government is trying to freeze a bitcoin exchange. Drug traffickers in the use of bitcoin, the India government departments seized Narcotics Control Bureau exchange 500BTC. The 45000 is a bitcoin rupees, freeze the amount of about 2250 million rupees.”

Optimistic bitcoin monetary system and debt

Although the India government has hit on a number of local large bitcoin exchange to a large audience, Chaudhary said, before the legitimacy of critical bitcoin, must pay attention to and take into account its rapid rise in value.

He is Chaudhary ZeeNews “Daily News and analysis” section of the host, he India bank and the current monetary system put forward criticism, and pointed out that if the entire population of India 3%, even a small part of the local bank customers will put forward their cash, the bank will not have enough money to pay for treatment.

Chaudhary said:

In fact, even if only 3% people withdraw all the money from the bank, the bank also did not have enough money to pay. The monetary system depends on the government and the bank. If a bank fails, then you may lose all the money. Bitcoin, is an attempt to get rid of this regulation and bank risk.”

More importantly, he stressed that the bank customers can not be assured, he explained:

“But when you put the cash in the bank, the bank will take you a lot of money, and loans to other people. You can see the money in your bank account, but the fact is that money is not there.”

Finally, the Chaudhary that provides the actual control of the funds bitcoin for the financial industry and its consumers, rather than the current monetary system and banking services need to rely heavily on the government and the central bank’s monopoly.

The India media sing bitcoin, what is your opinion?

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