Infosys: block chain applications without having to wait for more than 10 years, we have begun

Infosys: block chain applications without having to wait for more than 10 years, we have begun

IT consulting giant Infosys, a chain block a wide range of applications will be exaggerated speculation.

Infosys chief technology architect PeterLoop believes that the application of new technology will boost the accelerating pace of development block chain application, which will bring great pressure to the traditional financial solutions.

“There is no need to as long as ten years. Once the comprehensive application of block chain technology, technology development and continuous integration will soon be together.”

When the announcement, major consulting firms and auditing companies are vying for market share block chain technology. In addition to Infosys, DDT, IBM, PWC (PwC), KPMG (KPMG) have already begun to seek a space for one person in the market.

Infosys: block chain applications without having to wait for more than 10 years, we have begun to Infosys

Chief technology Architect: PeterLoop

PeterLoop said, Infosys is currently establishing a proof of concept and mechanism to determine the application of the business case.

“We set up a block chain discussion group, I think the field has matured, can make more scientific and technological innovation.”

The application of PeterLoop to more optimistic about the business case, including the syndicated loan and the supply chain, the chain block can be applied in many interesting fields”.

Infosys is headquartered in India Bangalore, 2014~2015 reported that 193000 employees in the company, revenue of $8 billion 700 million. Peter

Loop said, and improved the existing application development company committed to the new application block chain.

It is worth noting that the development of Infosys can support the Finacle platform. The bank, payment and wealth products to reduce the cost of software of financial institutions, strengthen the global service.

“These products are a key part of the company’s strategy. Is the financial services company wide customer base.”

“The Infosys is not only a consulting firm, or product company, so we have engaged in projects into products. Infosys ranked seventh in the top 10 in the bank. 75% of the company’s revenue comes from financial services.”

The interests of customers

Infosys: block chain applications without having to wait for more than 10 years, we have begun to pay attention to Infosys, many that block chain technology customers want related services, but their understanding of the blockchain is limited.

PeterLoop said:

“Many banks turn to us, said that the first application block chain. Infosys also believe that only financial companies work together to the best development block chain technology.”

Infosys see three types of customers: don’t trust the blockchain customers; confuse the block chain and bitcoin customers; keen to explore the blockchain customer application.

Infosys company on the block chain technology was very excited.

PeterLoop noted that DTCC and Microsoft on the blockchain market index is positive.

“The final outcome will be very interesting, I think maybe is the value of the transmission network.”

Killer application

PeterLoop Infosys said, most people want to enter this industry, one aspect is the test file management based on block chain.

At the same time sharing books using the technology test to explore new potential applications of large enterprises.

“I was with people learning phase of the conversation, this is the best way to avoid the risk of learning.”

PeterLoop believes that efficient customers seeking should become the focus of the conversation.

“The real purpose is not the block chain to win, but to improve the efficiency.”

“Soon, you’ll have a killer application. But I hope they don’t treat it as the blockchain application, but merely a solution.”

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