Institutional Analysis: bitcoin bubble may burst

Institutional Analysis: the bitcoin bubble is huge or the position may burst. Traders generally believe that the bitcoin bubble has been very huge, and it is possible to blindly enter the board or even increase leverage or open positions. William William, chief researcher at okex research, said that some investors in the current currency circle need to be poured cold water – for institutional investors, it is profit that matters, not feelings like “bitcoin belief” or “blockchain revolution”. With the gradual recovery of the economy, the monetary policy will gradually change from loose to moderate tightening after the vaccine is put on the market and the epidemic situation is gradually alleviated. At that time, institutional investors are likely to sell bitcoin. Of course, before that, bitcoin will still maintain the main upward trend. Of course, as the price of bitcoin becomes higher and higher, the market volatility will gradually enlarge. Investors are not recommended to increase excessive leverage. Source: Jinshi Ethereum layer 2 network connext has been launched. The minimum available version of cross chain layer 2 network has been launched. According to official information, the minimum available version of cross chain layer 2 network has been launched as the first stage of the three stages in the plan, stage 0. The main goal of this stage is to build a minimum available network Network) will allow nodes in the network to transfer value across chains in an unmanaged manner through an intermediate router. Routers can be operated by anyone and can open channels for any end user, but there is no interaction between routers, which means that DAPP from Ethereum to matic needs to find routing services that support these specific blockchains. Source: medium

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