Interpol created a digital currency against digital currency crime

Interpol created a digital currency against digital currency crime

The network crime research organization Interpol Global Innovation Foundation (IGCI), to create their own digital currency, used against digital currency crime.

A member of the Singapore police force from the IGCI team, will be used in a specially designed training match their own internal use of digital currency to study digital currency and misuse case.

Madan Mohan Oberoi(网络创新和外联主任)向当地的新闻社证实,他的团队已经在一些项目中取得了进展。

Last month, two researchers from the International Criminal Police Organization, Christian Karam and Vitaly Kamluk, presented evidence that block chain may be used by hackers to create malicious software.

At that time, IGCI executive director Noboru Nakatani pointed out in the proxy statement:

“After determining the threat, the most important thing now is that the International Criminal Police Organization to the public in the process of law enforcement and to spread awareness, and encourage the community to this field potential block chain” abuse “to find a solution.”

According to a local news agency reported, Interpol issued a document, detailing the network crime research activities will be carried out this week.

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