Introducing Storage into Block Chains, Building Block Chains 3.0 Ecology – Interview with Genaro Project Founding Team

nReporter: pencil leadn
nGenaro is a reliable and de-centric storage space based on block-chain technology. Users can use Genaro as their efficient and economical private cloud storage path. It is reported that, Genaro team is participating in the chain by the chain pencil ( hosted five city meeting, the current Shanghai and Hangzhou station has ended, followed by Shenzhen, Beijing and Chengdu station meeting. The ICO of the Genaro project will also open in mid-August.n
nTherefore, for everyone to care about some of the problems, pencil reporter interviewed Genaro’s three founders, namely the project leader Liu Yu, technical director Wu Weilong and project operations officer Liu Jiaqi.n
nBitcoin and block chainn

nGenaro Project Leader: Liu Yun
nIn 2014, the head of the Genaro project, Liu Yu, was working in Silicon Valley. He had heard of Bitcoin very early, but until 2015, he was involved in the use of Bitcoin, especially in the use of Bitcoin. Became very hot, then he began to really pay attention to Bitcoin and block chain.n
nn”So I read the essay in the book, although very short, but very delicate, I think this model can change the future of the human world model,” Liu Yu told reporters at the time of the feelings, “I first real Understand why Bitcoin is a magical creation in human history.n
nnLiu Yu went on to say,n
nn”But the most attractive to me, or the bottom of the technology of Bitcoin – block chain, learn the computer born to this center, consensus mechanism is very interested in. Because this is the human can use the machine to communicate efficiently Consensus, all the accounts open and transparent a technology, so early 15 years I resigned from the HP company, began a business, in the area of ​​chain to explore.n
nCross-border transfer walletn
nPrior to the development of Genaro, Liu Yu independently developed cross-border transfer wallet in 2015. He explained that at that time to do this project, the main reason is that they have the transfer of demand, because the circulation of RMB and US dollars is not very convenient. And if through bank transfer, it is necessary to charge a lot of fees, while the speed is very slow.n
nn”I first call myself to write a simple API script, and later friends around slowly know, let me help. So I thought, can not develop a dedicated cross-border transfer for the wallet, like Alipay and paypal Use, enter the other side of the mailbox, a key transfer, the user does not need to understand any block chain technology. “Liu Yu said.n
nnNow in retrospect, he believes that this experience on his influence and help is very large, mainly reflected in two points:n
nnFirst, so that he was on the block chain operation mechanism and the specific code to achieve a certain understanding;n
nSecond, it is more important to verify that the block chain is really a practical, groundable technology.n
nnIn Liu Yu view, block chain technology, although complex, but can be hidden behind the product, in the real business, you can do so do not understand the block chain technology users can use the block chain products.n
nFounded Genaron
nOn the establishment of the founding team and Genaro project development, Liu Yu recalled:n
nn”Once we re-set the rise and development of the Internet, the key to the success of the Internet is to cloud technology development, that is, the software, hardware, computing and storage and other resources focused on efficient processing, so that we can in the Internet cloud development The deployment of their own applications, and the cloud is the most fundamental cloud storage, no storage, some data are no place to put, more talk about the calculation.n
nnHe thinks the block chain is the same. In 2016, the ether square technology gradually mature, block chain from 1.0 to 2.0, you can implement smart contracts, a lot of things can further landing. But even with smart contracts, where DAPP’s data is needed is still a problem.n
nIn this regard, Liu Yu said:n
nn”Now is the era of large data, if there is no data operation, no matter how good technology can not land.Then we think, we must provide a bottom of the technology, will be the center and intelligent contract together, then we made a district The concept of block chain 3.0 is to provide a storage of ecological networks, so that we can develop DAPP based on this, the block chain DAPP into a floor application.n
nnThis idea coincides with the view of Genaro project operator Liu Jiaqi. She told reporters that through a social entrepreneurship contest in 2015, she met the company’s CEO Liu Yu. Because before doing social enterprises, she will pay more attention to share this part of the economy.n

nGenaro Project Operations Officer: Liu Jiaqin
nIn Liu Jiaqi view,n
nn”Sharing the economy can solve many business problems and personal problems, but also to solve a lot of social problems in a breakthrough in the past few years, I work in the social enterprises found a problem is that the shared economy is not a good landing, or share the economy did not Can really change some business dilemmas and problems. “n
nnSo they began to explore whether the chain chain can be combined with traditional projects. At that time, Liu Yu, the project leader Wu Weilong introduced into the team. After that, they began to run and explore, only now Genaro presented to the user.n
nGenaro’s technical characteristics and advantagesn

nGenaro Technical Leader: Wu Weilongn
nAbout Genaro’s technical characteristics, technical director Wu Weilong said:n
nn”Genaro’s technical features are POR and POW consensus mechanisms, and the storage space is optimized, and the file can be encrypted and decrypted by using an adjustable block cipher.”n
nnIt is understood that Genaro’s shared community is also a major feature of this project. With regard to the security of the data stored in the community, Wu Weilong analyzed:n
nn”First of all, we will ensure that the file is clean before uploading, and then by limiting the minimum size, the file is compiled. After uploading the file will be cut into a very small fragment.Second, to ensure that the storage space is safe, we also Will be stored in multiple copies to ensure the safety of data. Data is uploaded, it will be the credibility of the test.At the same time, because the data is divided into small pieces, take up less space, so upload and download speed will be Fast, but also to ensure the integrity of the document.n
nnPrior to Genaro’s launch, the same type of project based on block-chain technology had emerged on the market. Compared with these projects, Wu Weilong that Genaro’s technical advantages are mainly reflected in the bandwidth optimization, online reward and challenge the three aspects of the mechanism.n
nn”We are doing an online incentive mechanism for sharing space, which is more suitable for sharing space, and you can get rewards if you have an online contribution to your storage,” he added.n
nShare the economic business modeln
nn”Genaro uses a shared business model to create a shared storage market for free storage space.”n
nnSpeaking of Genaro’s business model, the project leader Liu Yu said.n
nLiu Yu that idle resources to be used, the power is great, everyone to share their own free hard drive, but also to obtain revenue. The final market in full competition, we can at very low prices, the use of absolute security to the central storage.n
nAt the same time, Liu Yu is sure that:n
nn”The Genaro network is an open, fully decentralized shared economic community, no one can turn off Genaro, and no third party profit. In the shared economy model, everyone has a lot of idle storage space, can Put your own idle space out.n
nTeam culture and market positioningn
nWhen asked about the team of Genaro, the project operator Liu Jiaqi said:n
nn”Now Genaro’s team is mainly in Shanghai and has a core developer in Silicon Valley. The organization of the team is based on community-based operations, a flat management organization that is more equitable and that members can share their views and concepts, In the same time, we can have an open and just attitude while providing better advice to the community.n
nnLiu Jiaqi further said:n
nn”Our culture is open, open source and shared because we are doing a community of community chains, so sharing this concept is more important, internal and external is consistent.If there is a good idea, you can contribute to the community, Then you can use this idea to discuss with us.n
nnFor Genaro’s market positioning, Liu Jiaqi very confident,n
nn”Our ultimate goal is to be a global community, now from the Chinese market. Overseas, in Singapore, Switzerland have cooperation there. Our community side in the framework of the framework, while in the future, personal And the company is likely to use the network we provide. “n

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