Inventory: block chain and bitcoin industry can not be ignored in the hot events in the third quarter

Inventory: block chain and bitcoin industry can not be ignored in the hot events in the third quarter

A British exit caused by bitcoin soared

In June 25th, British and European success. Affected by this news, bitcoin trading network bitcoin prices rose from 3480 yuan to 4748 yuan, up 36%. People worry about the European economy is one of the most influential factors.

Nakamoto claimed Wright for hundreds of bitcoin patents

Craig? Wright (CraigWright) although not to prove he is Nakamoto So provide conclusive evidence, but he is currently working to build a large bitcoin blockchain and patent portfolio, is applying for billions of dollars worth of blockchain patent. Bitcoin community expressed strong opposition. With the block chain technology more and more attention, the potential value of this technology can bring about the rapid rise, it was natural at the multi billion dollar industry patent.

The gold suit: block chain technology will be applied to Alipay

On the afternoon of July 9th, Hangzhou held the first global XIN public meeting, the ant gold suit in “Internet public forum said the blockchain technology will be on the line, and will be the first application on Alipay’s donation platform, the purpose is to let each a sum of the life cycle are recorded in the block chain. The advantage of the characteristics of block chain technology itself, so the block chain technology is believed to help solve the China social welfare transparency and trust issues.

Bitfinex 120 thousand stolen bitcoin currency triggered price fell 25%

The early morning of August 3rd, the dollar’s largest bitcoin trading platform Bitfinex issued a notice, because the website security vulnerabilities, causing the user up to 119756BTC stolen, worth about $75 million, then temporarily closed bitcoin transactions and cash business, causing the global market panic selling. It is the largest trading platform bitcoin bitcoin trading network data show that under the influence of this event, the day bitcoin prices fell 25%.

Four party! The accounting standards to the industry chain block?

DDT, KPMG, PWC, Ernst & Young “big four” accounting firms block chain represents on the morning of August 11th by the American Institute of certified public accountants, to discuss the establishment of a distributed books alliance. This meeting is composed of Ethernet Fang startup Consensys in charge, but participants can consider various possible block chain solutions. According to the head of Griffin Anderson Consensys (GriffinAnderson) said that the roundtable discussion at this meeting will focus on the accounting profession, how to develop a new block chain standard.

The Ministry of planning China block exposure schedule for two years of development technology industry chain

In July this year, the Ministry issued a “letter of soft division on the organization to carry out research and development trend of the application of technology chain block letter” (letter of soft letter [2016]840), and commissioned by the Ministry of electronic industry combined ant Standard Institute gold clothing, universal holdings, micro public bank and Ping an insurance and other domestic key enterprises to carry out chain technology and development trend of the application of block work. In August 5th, for the effective implementation of the letter letter No. [2016]840 soft requirements, the Ministry of Electronics Standards Institute in Beijing organized the blockchain technology and Industry Development Forum cum preparatory whitepaper will start to discuss and establish Chinese block chain technology and Industry Development Forum for the next two years planning. The plan that will develop block chain technology standards and compiling the related development block chain technology white paper for the present stage target. At the same time, also provides a specific implementation plan, such as pilot demonstration block chain technology and market cultivation, talent cultivation and Qu Kuailian technology professional certification, construction and related laboratory, block chain technology related solutions to promote and carry out the blockchain industry investment and financing and other aspects of the specific implementation.

In Russia’s first bitcoin exchange

Since the Russian official broke to cancel bitcoin users to implement criminal punishment news, Moscow ushered in their first digital currency exchange. At present, the exchange can only provide “one-way” transaction services, which users can sell bitcoins, privately operated by the exchange. Buy bitcoin services are not available. At the beginning of August, bitcoin purchase volume reached a record high. The Russian government also said that the future will carry out liquidation using bitcoin block chain technology.

The world’s four largest bank jointly launched the settlement currency, will become the block chain and digital currency milepost

UBS, Deutsche Bank, Santander and New York Mellon four big banks have teamed up to develop a new electronic currency, hope to be able to block chain technology to clearing transactions in the future, and become the global banking industry standard. Four banks will also sell the ICAP together with the British firms plan to the central bank, and plans for the first commercial application in early 2018.

The legal Chinese digital currency: digital currency must be issued by the central bank itself is money

The central bank also is preparing for the study of digital currency of the people’s Bank of China, Yao as the former head of the preparatory group. The preparatory group of Chinese legal digital currency have some research achievements in the “financial” published on China.

The concept of digital currency to sort out the current Yao before puts forward the design concept of 7 of our country’s legal system of digital currency. The expression of the block chain technology to. Block chain technology is the prototype of the next generation of cloud computing, has attracted wide attention, but as a mature enterprise application case is rare. “Private cloud + high performance database + mobile terminal” and “private cloud + block chain + mobile terminal”, there may be and the difference between the two is associated with ideas. Let the more powerful, so the data is more secure, the more intelligent terminal, make the payment behavior of an individual more active, must be the goal of future digital currency for central bank. If the application block chain technology for the central bank to digital currency, whether it can be necessary to improve its speed and efficiency? Facing the problem of large-scale transactions, block chain technology itself how to achieve substantial breakthroughs?

Wanda financial layout block chain core technology, accelerate the implementation of fifast technology “entity + Internet” strategy

In September 8th, Wanda Financial Group officially announced to join the Linux foundation super books (Hyperledger) project, the project became the first Chinese from the core members of the board of directors, which also marks the Chinese financial technology enterprises have to accelerate the layout of the chain block.

IOS10 in iMessage transfer bitcoin

IOS10 updates, including a new design of the iMessage service on this platform, developers can implant third party app. Now add a lot of app, but also with the music and the function of sharing GIF pictures. Some of the third party platform has confirmed settled, including SquareCash, Lyft and CirclePay, which means that iPhone users can transfer directly in iMessage bitcoin.

Foreign media: China management of social security funds will use block chain technology

According to the “Chinese Journal Europe” reported that the Chinese government is considering application block chain technology in social security payments, such as unemployment and pension. At the end of 2015, in the management of the National Council for social security fund’s funds reached $284 billion 500 million, which compared with the same period last year increased by 24.6%.

“Chinese Journal Europe” the author said: “according to the deputy director of the National Social Security Fund Council Chairman Wang Zhongmin said, there is no doubt that the blockchain technology will be applied to social security system, because of its investment in social security and management has the value of application.”

Block chain startups R3CEV valuation of $200 million

New York block chain startup R3CEV is currently negotiating A round of financing. According to a report released by the independent Ernst & Young, currently estimated to R3 the company’s value is $200 million. As of now, in addition to its headquarters in New York, R3 in San Francisco, London, Japan, Zurich, Singapore, Seoul and Sydney have set up offices. R3 members of the league has expanded to all over the world, the company needs to hire more people to work at a particular place. This distributed work mode, means that the group without a large investment in buildings or facilities on the server, that is to say, the company does not need to spend huge sums of money.

Block chain will drive the universal 200 billion yuan smart city plan

Auto parts giant Wanxiang Group announced in September 27th, the group will use the blockchain technology as part of its latest smart city plan. In the global summit hosted by universal block chain, the group revealed plans to invest 200 billion yuan in the next 7 years in this project ($30 billion) in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan adjacent to the South Bank of Qiantang River purchase of 83000000 square feet of land, for the establishment of a new innovation base. In order to better support the work, also to seek aid and universal goal of maintaining the blockchain entrepreneurs consistent.

The judicial organ of the United States and then force New York federal judge ruled that bitcoin is the currency

Florida, a bitcoin exchange (now closed) and its predecessor operator Anthony? Murgui (AnthonyMurgio) in July last year accused of money laundering charges. Recently he appealed for the revocation of the two charges, because the United States law, bitcoin does not belong to the money”. According to Reuters, southern New York court Alison Nathan? (AlisonNathan) judge rejected his appeal, and wrote, according to its use, bitcoin really belongs to the category of currency.

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