Inventory of those well-known retailers to accept bitcoin payments

Inventory of those well-known retailers to accept bitcoin payments


The American economist Friedman had for the consumption analysis, monetary history and theory research, complexity and stability policy and won the Nobel prize in 1976. He said that the Internet would remove some of the functions of government.

With bitcoin and the rise of electronic cash, encryption currency and online payment methods have been gradually accepted by the public.

Since bitcoin prices rise, more and more media attention to it, many people realize that bitcoin is a kind of investment, but also a convenient way to pay. With the number increasing, more and more countries and retail companies started to accept bitcoin payments.

The following are the top retailers to accept bitcoin.

The Milky Way Virgin (VirginGalactic)

In 2013, the Milky Way virgin began to accept bits than pay. The Milky Way virgin is a commercial airline and operated by Sir Richard Branson, including virgin mobile and airline subsidiaries.

From the past three years, Branson is an advocate of bitcoin, he had held the blockchain Summit on a private island”.

Overstock is an online retailer, selling commodities at low prices, it is the first since January 2014 to accept bitcoin payments online retailers. Overstock and Coinbase cooperation, support customers with bitcoin pay TV, notebook computer and all the cost of goods into the pillow. The website has a “payment” bitcoin option to complete the purchase.

In 2016, Overstock began trading its shares in the private chain tZERO.

In September 2017, Overstock tZERO, announced a joint venture with ArgonGroup and RenGenLLC, launched the first trading platform with ICO SEC and FINRA regulations.


TigerDirect is after Overstock second to accept bitcoin payments of large online retailers. In 2014 the report said bitcoin sales of more than $1 million. In January 2014 TigerDirect started to accept bitcoin payments, the payment provider is BitPay.


The famous Satellite Television Corporation DishNetwork started to accept bitcoin payments in 2014, after a number of employees of the company began to invest in bitcoin. DishNetwork use CoinbaseAPI to deal with bitcoin payment.

After the DishNetwork partnership with Coinbase, and Coinbase jointly launched the world’s largest online travel agency. Expedia decided to accept bitcoin part based on customer requirement.

Expedia is not the first to accept bitcoin tourism website. to allow users to use bitcoin hotel in 2013.

Since the middle of 2014, users can use the Expedia bitcoin payment option for hotel reservation. The company currently only accept bitcoin for hotel reservations, but the future will be expanded to include ticket booking and other activities.

The online retailer Newegg began to accept bitcoin in 2014. TigerDirect and its rivals, Newegg BitPay will immediately use a payment processor, bitcoin payment to Fiat.

The online retailer Newegg in 2014 began to accept bitcoin, TigerDirect and its rivals, Newegg and BitPay cooperation, will be converted into currency bitcoin.

Newegg offers a 10% discount to the use of bitcoin users in July 2014. The company also use bitcoin to celebrate the “black Friday” to emphasize the superiority of bitcoin as a payment medium.


Microsoft on 2014 open bitcoin payment function, the user can add bitcoin funds to the Microsoft account, use BitPay as its payment support.

Microsoft users can use bitcoins to buy Windows and Xbox stores in games, movies and apps, and Microsoft in the online store of goods.


Gift card eGifter mobile application allows users to purchase gift cards in different places, such as Amazon, Sephora, home depot and Kohls Department store. EGifter and Coinbase cooperation, as bitcoin payment providers.


Online retailer Gyft gift card allows customers in many large retailers use their gift card on bitcoin. Whether it is the music of iTunes, Starbucks coffee, groceries, or Amazon miscellaneous products.

The platform also allows users in the mobile phone store gift card, rather than on the account or wallet. When bitcoin users through the Gyft purchase of gift cards, they will receive 3% points, these points can be exchanged for rewards.


For the online game player, Zynga and BitPay cooperate in bitcoin payment. Game player can use bitcoin in app purchase.

Zynga is an electronic game commercial leader, 2014 began testing bitcoin, it believes that bitcoin support frictionless business transactions.


Although Starbucks’s cashier does not accept bitcoin, but there are several ways to support bitcoin payment.

Since 2015, Foldapp in APP in order to allow customers a 20% discount to use bitcoins to buy Starbucks store goods.

Since 2016, Seattle is located in the United States bitcoin wallet iPayYou announced support for buying Starbucks goods bitcoin, iPayYou bitcoin users only need to be transferred to Starbucks mobile applications.


Buenos Aires subway franchise store recently to accept bitcoin payments, payment of remuneration for their products in the restaurant.


New York based auto parts e-commerce retailer AutoPartsWay, in 2016 became the first large auto parts online seller accept bitcoin payment. Other parts of the company to provide a large number of external and internal, engine, air conditioning, brake and vehicle.

Because of safety, convenience, low fees and easy storage and other advantages, the use of bitcoin rate is rising.

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