Investors are aware that bitcoin is currently on the market “the most secure encryption currency”

Investors are aware that bitcoin is currently on the market “the most secure encryption currency”

Bitcoin is establishing itself as a global currency credit. In the absence of large media coverage of the case, the price of bitcoin has achieved continuous growth, beyond many reserve currency market, and in the past year currency price volatility Ribet has been reduced, showing the play as a stable global currency.

Bitcoin prices recently has been maintained at $765 to $777 range, nearly 9 trading days trading volume remained at the same range. Compared with many large reserve currencies such as sterling, bitcoin show lower volatility, and for those struggling to cope with capital controls and asset trading restrictions crowd brings higher liquidity.

Bitcoin is the most secure encryption currency market

Some investors and analysts, including BitFury group vice chairman GeorgeKikvadze believes that bitcoin market capitalization and prices are beginning to keep stable, may be because investors are beginning to realize that bitcoin is the most secure encryption currency market.

Investors are beginning to realize that bitcoin is currently the most powerful and most secure encryption currency — GeorgeKikvadze

CEO and other encryption currency experts, such as digital currency group CEO Barry Hilbert (BarrySilbert), is also aware of the strong performance of bitcoin, bitcoins in the absence of praise for sensational news headlines and media coverage of the case value growth.

In most cases, the characteristics of the reasons behind bitcoin price stability may be attributed to it as a safe haven asset. Bitcoin to the center of the property, the transparency of the books, hitherto unknown security and transaction efficiency, these characteristics have prompted the bitcoin of the current financial system can be used as an alternative, provides a wealth of protection system for investors and traders.

The surge in demand for bitcoin

For example, Cointelegraph and other mainstream media have repeatedly reported a surge in global market instability bitcoin demand. Waste action in India has led to currency bitcoin trading volume soared, the devaluation of the renminbi and the local government are important factors that cause the bitcoin prices of financial products is suppressed, and recently Venezuela suddenly announced that the largest denomination banknotes expire after 3 days, a further blow to confidence in the national currency. Bitcoin can be said that the current global currency the most secure, even better than gold, because the India government is considering to confiscation of private gold, while bitcoin to the center of nature which cannot be abolished cannot be easily confiscated. There is no doubt that bitcoin is the most secure global hedge assets, this is not only the safety design of bitcoin itself, but also is not like bitcoin currency that was abolished or confiscated like gold.

With the large economies are struggling to cope with the fragility of the existing financial system, low efficiency and limited capacity, without necessity of exaggerated media reports and sensational speculation, bitcoin prices will rise.

Bitcoin stability and low volatility is also let the mainstream user group and the general public have become increasingly dependent on the crypto currency as a digital cash alternative, continue to attract investors, families, enterprises and dealers.

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