Investors said: the DragonEx dragon net investment bitcoin bear survival code, warm heart to know

The coin circle the city, the city people want to come out, people want to go outside racking his head. A year ago, the encrypted digital currency bitcoin is a bull market, the overall market value of a record, up to $326 billion 500 million, you get in and find a belief; a year later, bitcoin tumbled 82.7%, or $269 billion 900 million. Someone shouted, some people believe, no longer sad.

In fact, this year, more than the dismal market currency circle. The investment market, the stock market, the business entities also difficult. From a different point of view, some coins ring winter for people who want to make quick money left, leaving the real waiting block chain technology developed in the “true believers”. Whether old or new leek leek, facing the risk, how to keep the past in a bear market? Here are some time after the war, I hope useful to you.

Understand the stock transaction, does not mean understanding currency trading circle. Compared with the stock market, futures trading, unrestricted digital currency transaction time, and the annual 7*24h; price limit without digital currency transactions, really determined by market demand; digital currency T+0 trading, that day can buy with selling virtual currency transactions; not only can buy more, you can also sell short. All sorts of opinion, digital currency can be more fun than the stock market.

The entry should be cautious. You see the high profitability of the industry, will also be interested in the people you fancy the principal. The profit and risk coexist, so the choice of security, high safety performance and strong credibility “backer” is very important, that is to choose the reliable platform. As my friends are very popular DragonEx dragon network, is a first transaction that is mining “cash share dividends” blockchain exchange.

“Fight in the” DragonEx dragon net investment, first is holding the attitude of learning, in the legal, professional, financial security of the trading platform can not be said to have “overnight” myth, but benefited from.

It is understood that the Dragon DragonEx network is Singapore blockchain asset trading platform, because the first transaction is mining and cash dividends at the same time to enjoy, community driven, safe and stable, 7*24 high quality customer service and other factors is rapidly becoming a global trading platform before 20. Dragon net holding EU digital currency business license, complete legal compliance operation. Dragon net currency are all on-line through a rigorous screening, there are 5 trading market at present (USDT, BTC, ETH, DC, Innovation Zone), hundreds of transactions. English language system platform support, WEB, IOS, Android terminal cover. Market support C2C, and currency currency trading currency. In addition, in November 2, 2018, DT was the first official to destruction, deflation, voting return to community autonomy, DragonEx network has been in the dragon to the center of the road.

Learning block chain, a chain block to qualified leek. Dragon net college dragon net hatching DragonEx regularly invite high-quality projects held online roadshow in the official community, and lecturer at the Dragon Network Institute held the blockchain knowledge courses can let have benefited a lot from leek.

Or that sentence, after the investment practice dragon online platform, a dragon net such relatively safe, simple operation, very suitable for white, on the other hand, digital currency investment transaction mode of operation is more room. Of course, every investor has their own habits, you can select according to the self judgment. I hope everyone can find their own faith in the block chain.

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