IPayYou announced that bitcoin can buy Starbucks products

IPayYou announced that bitcoin can buy Starbucks products

The bitcoin payment gateway iPayYou recently announced that bitcoin users already can be directly used this money to buy Starbucks digital products.

The user can directly through Starbucks mobile phone app connection iPayYou bitcoin shopping, pay out bitcoin can instantly converted into dollars.

This payment tool called “from bitcoin to Starbucks (BitcoinDirecttoStarbucks), is another innovation after the Starbucks start-up company since black Friday released a number of large suppliers bitcoin gift card.

The integration of Starbucks to pay sooner or later

IPayYou founder and CEO Jean Kavner? (GeneKavner) said in an interview:

(our payment gateway) integration of Starbucks to pay sooner or later. Because Starbucks stores more than twenty-four thousand, every month there are about 1000000 users use the mobile app to carry out the orders and payment.

Bitcoin to buy Starbucks coffee is not what the new concept. In early 2014, relevant organizations try to the concept of workers and promote the publicity in the avant-garde and bitcoin, many new products including Gyft are listed first in the time.

Although coffee consumer goods in bitcoin has been popular in the secondary position, but always very fierce competition in this area, the focus of competition mainly falls on the ease of use and convenience.

IPayYou users do not need to carry large quantities of gift cards or buy a one-time payment of any other form, they only need a certain amount of bitcoins can be transferred. Then the wallet will automatically balance the money into dollars deposited by users of Starbucks in app.

Kavner continued:

After you initiate a transaction in, your money will be completed within seconds of settlement.

We hope everyone can hold bitcoin; our goal is to create a bitcoin everywhere in the future. The best way to achieve this is to let the currency into the consumer’s daily life.

The United States consumer choice bitcoin

When it comes to the purchase of consumer goods with encryption currency, the United States is an important market that can not be ignored. Although the specific data is difficult to research, but from the crypto currency areas related to enterprise policy performance can see some clues. For example, Purse.io recently announced that the United States is a major market for the Amazon discount service.

Kavner itself was Amazon executives, since this year, was formally established, iPayYou gradually in this highly competitive market foothold.

In short, in 2017, bitcoin ecosystem is expected to get more practical value.

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