IPayYou use bitcoin to buy goods and services in the Amazon

IPayYou use bitcoin to buy goods and services in the Amazon

If Amazon and bitcoin has formed a stable cooperative relationship, so less reasonable?

Although some large retail giants, such as Overstock, have been quick to accept bitcoin digital currency as payment, but Amazon has not formally accepted. The online platform has never publicly advocated or to accept bitcoin payments, but look now this situation is changing.

Amazon is now beginning to accept bitcoin ‘indirect’. Although consumers are actually still can not directly use bitcoin to pay for goods and services, but will bitcoin into dollars is acceptable. AmazonDirect now allows consumers to use iPayYou to transfer any amount from their bitcoin wallet in dollars to amazon.

This may cause a commotion. With the upcoming Thanksgiving, Amazon will become very popular, and the arrival of black Friday, people will be shopping.

Amazon former global chief, currently IPayYou CEO Kean? Garner (GeneKavner) said in a press release:

“During my time in the Amazon, we carefully studied the friction points faced by shoppers and obstacles, including especially associated with the payment. Bitcoin is a solution to solve many of these problems. This is why we want to in the holiday approaching launched a payment in the most direct can be used anywhere bitcoin, first from the world’s largest retailer.”

Prior to this, bitcoin can only be used to buy the Amazon digital shopping card. IPayYou is a start-up company located in Seattle, was founded in May of this year. The wallet service also allows users to use bitcoin to buy the best buy, Starbucks and iTunes shopping card.

Kavner said:

“We want to become the default currency bitcoin daily. The only way to achieve this goal is to provide consumers with practical way to consume bitcoin – this is our mission, our team has been working tirelessly to achieve this goal.”

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