Is bitcoin really a bubble? Economists think so far, at least!

Editor of after the winner of the U.S. general election spent Biden, world assets began to soar. Not only did the stock markets around the world soar, but even the safe assets and risk assets also rose. At present, bitcoin is becoming more and more attractive, and its position in the world is side by side with gold. Gold is an important means of value saving, and can also be regarded as an insurance means, so gold has a risk averse return. After entering 2021, bitcoin continued to rise, breaking through $30000 on January 2 and $34000 on January 3, setting a record high of $34792. The more you keep breaking new heights, the more crazy the enthusiasm of investors to enter the market. Although some institutions believe that bitcoin can continue to rise, further rising to $40000 or even $50000, there are also cautious voices in the market. Market analyst Alice Gledhill suggests that bitcoin is still a niche market, prone to sharp rises and falls. David Rosenberg, chief economist at Rosenberg Research & Associates, even believes that bitcoin is the biggest market bubble at present. He thinks US stocks are overvalued by 20% to 30%, but is optimistic about safe haven gold. There has been no consensus on the bitcoin debate. Speculators believe that it is a shortcut to get rich. Investors regard it as a fraud and stay away from it. It is worth mentioning that bitcoin has proved its existence value by its bumpy experience over the years, which is called “digital gold”. Apart from the financial system, he is also the most dazzling star of the financial system. As for the investors attracted, whether they want to “kill sheep” or become “wool”, we need to be cautious.

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