Is it hard to break through the $30000 bitcoin?

The market value of bitcoin has also reached $540 billion, surpassing that of Berkshire Hathaway, which is owned by Mr. Buffett. As recently as 2018, Mr. Buffett also said that “bitcoin is a rat drug” and that this cryptocurrency is totally useless. However, with the unprecedented quantitative easing and economic stimulus measures adopted by governments and central banks in response to the new epidemic in 2020, individual and institutional investors will use bitcoin as a stored value asset to hedge against inflation. Since bitcoin broke through $20000 in December, its price is still rising steadily. According to the data of glassnode, the liquidity of bitcoin in the market is decreasing, which is an important factor driving up the price of bitcoin. Encryption analyst Alan masters believes bitcoin will soon begin to challenge the $30000 resistance level Trading volume indicators show that bitcoin prices have room for further increase. Encryption analyst Cole garner expects bitcoin to exceed $30000 next week, but many bitcoin holders won’t be surprised if that happens today or later tomorrow. Tom Lee of fundstrat said, “I think 2021 will be very similar to 2017, which means bitcoin will do better in 2021 than in 2020. So bitcoin will grow by more than 300% in 2021. ” That means he thinks bitcoin will exceed $120000 by 2021, and its market value will catch up with apple. “The weakness of the dollar makes people think about how to store value,” Lee said. Many people think gold can. I think it’s reasonable for someone to be bullish on gold. But for young people and those from the digital generation, bitcoin is the kind of digital asset they want to hold as a store of value. ” Brothers, I think it’s reasonable: praise, reward and liven up the atmosphere. [praise]

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