Is it possible for bitcoin to rise to $1 million in the future?

This is not impossible, but completely possible. In those years, it was only a few cents that you could exchange for a bitcoin. Now it has reached 50000 dollars a bitcoin. The increase has reached hundreds of thousands of times, and it is not impossible for us $1 million to be 20 times that of US $50000, or in the next few years. But even if we know that it may rise to $1 million / piece in the future, can we dare to buy it? Obviously, I dare not. On the way from US $10000 to US $30000 recently, some people also burst into positions and committed suicide by jumping into the river after losing tens of millions of assets. Just as Maotai has risen from 100 yuan / share to 2600 yuan / share, 260000 yuan / share in one hand. Even if you know it will rise, dare you? Obviously I dare not buy it! Because this virtual world is not designed for you. Moreover, it exists for the fund, the rich, the rich and the people who have nowhere to spend their wealth to play with money and take money as paper. This is a virtual world, which has nothing to do with ordinary people. If you dare to go in, the 99% probability will make the wealth smaller or zero in an instant, but there is also a one in one thousand chance that you will get huge wealth. What’s more, it’s not from a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars, but from 10000 to tens of thousands. Now that it’s near the top of the jumara wasp, is it necessary for us to get involved again? We’d better be a bystander. As for bitcoin, it is likely to rise to 1 million pieces / piece, and people believe that most of them have sold out, or they have bought and sold out for many times. It can be said that few people can get huge wealth. Don’t look at the unfamiliar and unfamiliar people who have gained huge wealth from it. Maybe some people first want to get some evasion or concealment through bitcoin, rather than make money from it. And these people are just like the original shares to become the most profitable people, and for those who have no money and want to make a lot of money, it will be more practical to walk step by step, because this is the most real world for ordinary people. For the vast majority of people who are not involved in bitcoin, there is no need to worry, because it will not have too much impact on us. The completion can be regarded as a virtual world that has nothing to do with us, just like watching a game of tycoon. When bitcoin is now $50000, the total market value is $800 billion, plus other cryptocurrencies, it is more than $1 trillion. If it goes up to one million dollars per piece, the total market value is up to $20 trillion. At present, the total wealth of the world has reached more than 100 trillion US dollars, and financial assets have also gained more than 700 trillion US dollars. However, the author still has a hypothesis that bitcoin can not rise to $1 million in the next few years. Now it may be a high point in the medium term, that is, US $100000 is a huge hurdle, which may be difficult to cross in the future. After all, wealth is limited, so we need to rely on the real economy. In the virtual, we should also go back to the source. Trillions of dollars may be a supplement to a kind of currency, but a few trillion dollars is a kind of competition. Do you think central banks will agree? Obviously, it is impossible. Since it is a supplement, we have nothing to worry about.

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