Is the opportunity of economic growth protection agreement in terms of bitcoin?

Is the opportunity of economic growth protection agreement in terms of bitcoin?


The global economic slowdown has led many governments to take measures to protect the agreement in the country. This might be a threat to bitcoin?

World trade growth slowed

Globalization and the corresponding growth in world trade over the past few decades to promote the global GDP growth. All countries have found their niche in the global economy, and development: Chinese in manufacturing, India in the software business process outsourcing in Philippines.

However, the rapid growth of Global trade seems to be stable. According to a recent report by the world trade organization, the 2017 trade forecast trade growth rate has been reduced from 1.8% to 3.1% (from 3.7%). World trade growth may be lower than GDP (global growth forecast of 2.2%)

Brexit and Trump – protection protocol example

When facing the problem strictly about its economic performance, politicians have a simple excuse: blame it in other countries. Donald Trump as the rapid rise of politicians that he can use American on immigration and China deprived of work.

Brexit showed that although the position of London as a global financial centre, the British people as a whole their work by immigration threat. Many countries are implementing measures of protection agreement in different degree, more and more trade disputes as indicated by the same.

Bitcoin attributes without borders

When the trade took place between the two parties in different countries, the trade must be based on what kind of currency issue. If the two parties do not have enough bargaining power, trade to neutral, flow of currency, such as dollars.

This is a role, once it is mature, bitcoin can easily integrate into, because it is easy to cross-border transmission. With the bitcoin community growth and the rate of increase, it will obtain the feature of “mature” — monetary liquidity and low volatility. Global trade, if not protected by the agreement may be hindered, bitcoin growth driving force.

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