Isolation of witness actually have such effect on hardware bitcoin wallet!

Isolation of witness actually have such effect on hardware bitcoin wallet!

Isolation of witness (SegWit) as an extension of solutions, aimed at expanding the bitcoin network and eliminate the transaction scalability (malleability). BachNguyen Community Manager famous hardware bitcoin wallet manufacturer Trezor said isolated witness can also play an important role in maximizing the bitcoin wallet hardware security measure and efficiency.

Since the launch in the bitcoin community, isolation has been regarded as witness to the double protocol solution to open the door, such as Tumblebit and lightning network. Isolated witness provides the infrastructure for the innovative capacity and privacy solutions operation.

In addition, lightning network co author ThaddeusDryja will isolate the witness described as a “real block size lifting scheme”, because the isolation in the test network will witness a single bitcoin block expanded 3.7 times, before and at the time of the discussion only 2.1 times.

It is also important to point out, Nguyen explained that isolated witness also provides a solution that solves a hardware in the past few years bitcoin wallet manufacturers such as Trezor have been trying to solve the problem.

Trezor is considered one of the hardware store and manage the bitcoin wallet security. However, the current hardware bitcoin wallet facing a bitcoin transaction structure and the related problems.

In the past, many miners and company executives criticized the isolation witness bitcoin layer1 infrastructure changes drastically. However, Trezor supports this change.

At present, the hardware bitcoin wallet manufacturers and developers, including Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey and so on, must rely on to find a bitcoin transaction value of the output to their own solutions.


According to the current structure of the bitcoin transactions, Nguyen explained that the hardware must complete a wallet responsible and unrealistic processes in order to find the transaction before from the bitcoin block chain.

“When the formation of a new deal, the hardware bitcoin wallet will find out before the transaction from the block chain, and request a specific output and value. Upon receipt of this value, bitcoin wallet will start the transaction hash. Only when the hash value is perfectly matched with the hash value has been released, then bitcoin wallet to determine this value is correct. For each input new exchange use, wallet are required to complete such a process.”

When a new transaction contains a large amount of input, it will be an inefficient and time-consuming process. Because the hardware bitcoin wallet calculation ability is not normal or computer equipment. So this is for the hardware before found through the block chain transaction and update the new deal is a more challenging job.

To eliminate the inefficiency of the verification process isolation witness bitcoin layer1 infrastructure changes. In contrast to output isolation, isolation of witness output will value before the transaction to include signature. In this way, the output hardware bitcoin wallet can in a very short period of time before the acquisition transaction.

Output validation cycle is shortened and found also prevent or eliminate the possibility of some bad situations, such as fee attacks, the targeting transaction input attacks may make hardware bitcoin wallet users lose a lot of money.

Nguyen explained:

“It may seem not worth mentioning is a change, but the security is huge. Bitcoin wallet in the hardware operation is less, the lower the probability of error.”

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