Israel acknowledged the legal status of bitcoin bitcoin’s upcoming tax

Israel acknowledged the legal status of bitcoin bitcoin’s upcoming tax

Israel now bitcoin community encryption currency in the legal status of the country have access to government departments to clarify. The country’s tax authorities recently announced that Israel and other bitcoin encryption currencies will be considered an asset and can be taxed. Israel will launch the Israeli bitcoin tax.

In many countries in the world, the legal status of bitcoin has been a gray area. Bitcoin is the same as the state of Israel, however, as the Israeli government to clarify their position on the encryption of money, people will now also be rule-based, ready to file the tax. At the same time, some of the encrypted currency community members worry that some prohibitions will make use of the high cost of encryption currency. Israel bitcoin tax is about to begin.

According to media reports, the Israeli tax bureau has been compared in the latest draft of bitcoin and other encryption currency tax rules are clarified in this paper. The agency said, in view of the country from the community multiple encryption currency requirements, the tax department decided on these tax provisions clarify crypto currency. However, it is unclear when the formal implementation of the provisions of the country. But it is certain that Israel will start bitcoin tax.

The Israeli tax bureau has clarified the encryption currency different from the financial assets or equity securities. At the same time, Israel will be taxed bitcoin, bitcoin, Israel encryption currency will not be regarded as a form of currency. If someone wants to sell their encryption currency, then the encrypted currency will also apply to the provisions of the 25% capital gains tax. At the same time, the transaction of encryption currency exchange will also have to charge 17% of the value-added tax (VAT), and then handed over to the government, as well as the enterprise income tax.

The new tax bill will increase the transaction cost of all encryption and the currency of this country, this will make some of the benefits of encryption currency does not exist. In addition, the implementation of the bill is expected to make the enterprise more difficult to accept encrypted currency payment. Israel will start bitcoin tax.

Israel bitcoin has proved himself to be as a form of currency. Israel will begin to levy bitcoin. This digital currency such as gold can satisfy all the properties of the ideal currency. But governments have been hesitant to give bitcoin due to currency, mainly because they are afraid of losing control of the national monetary system.

This situation is expected to continue for a long time, until a country woke up and decided to openly admit that bitcoin is a currency.

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