IT giant Wipro (Wipro) received extortion mail require payment of bitcoin ransom

IT giant Wipro (Wipro) received extortion mail require payment of bitcoin ransom

Located in Bangalore IT giant Wipro (Wipro) said, they received a campus located in the city of biochemical attack, bitcoin blackmail message.

An email is reported in the local media, an attacker asked the company in May 25th to pay five hundred million rupees ($777 million) bitcoin ransom, otherwise it will take to attack.

The report shows that the sender anonymous e-mail threat to use ricin, which is natural toxins in castor bean extract. Weibuluo threatened at the weekend, extortion main claims in the next few days will be 2 grams of samples sent to the office of Viboro. One of the most poisonous substance on earth, the high quality of the spoon can kill adults in a few days.

The company said in a statement:

“Wipro confirmation on receipt of an unknown source bitcoin ransom threat letter, complaints to the local law enforcement agencies.”

The ongoing investigation. It is worth noting that the law enforcement officers claimed that the anonymous e-mail address has been tracking IP.

“We have been in the analysis of the case, and get some preliminary clues. Considering all possibilities, including internal staff or former employees, they may do so to scare others,”

Deputy director of police AnandKumar said.

“We are tracking the IP address.”

The city will also be the network detective extortion bitcoin ransom cases records for the threat of cyber terrorism.

Politicians and central bankers often warned users to be cautious about bitcoin or mistrust of bitcoin, but recent criminal investigation involving bitcoin and the so-called MLM program of OneCoin have become national headlines.

Although the business was usually extortion extortion or network attack to get bitcoin ransom, but a bioterrorist attack and require encryption currency bitcoin ransom is not common.

As for Wipro, Wipro claims that threatened to bitcoin ransom and did not disrupt the business.

“Wipro increased security measures in all its offices. There is no impact on the company’s business. We have no further comments, because the investigation is ongoing. “

As one of the founding members of the EnterpriseEthereum alliance, Wipro bank, cross industry alliance and information technology giants for the enterprise development based on Ethereum block chain application.

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