Italy bank to start self-help, bitcoin bull countdown?

Italy bank to start self-help, bitcoin bull countdown?

Bitcoin has undoubtedly left a short footprint in the history of mankind. First of all, it has proved that he is not going to disappear, although many mainstream media want to kill it still tenacious. Second, bitcoin as the intrinsic value of the currency and the underlying technology is very powerful and unshakable, the largest country in the world, banks and companies are focusing on this money to build the future of business model. Third, bitcoin is the world’s new financial “safe harbor”, because the market turmoil means such as bitcoin digital currency in the world can get huge profit.

With the end of the season, the reality may reappear again. Reports from Italy indicate that the other EU Member States to a standstill, the bank is carrying out a “rescue” or “debt conversion”. Another bitcoin “bull market” is coming?

Have we met before?

Multiple sources of information, including ZeroHedge, Reuters and Bloomberg show that from the beginning of the third largest bank in Italy MontedeiPaschi, Italy’s banking system began to trouble. MontedeiPaschi has done 540 years of lending business.

How will they save the details, or you can call it “restructuring” or “resource fair”, in fact it is not very important. What really matters is what will be the Bank of Italy, especially in the next two weeks, when the MontedeiPaschi of the reorganization of assets, a move likely to fail. If the bank fails, like Cyprus and Greece recently experienced as we expected, bitcoin will appear “rising volatility”, is likely to continue into the second half of this year.

Personally, I am in the spring of 2013, the Cyprus rescue about the internal There was no parallel in history. bitcoin. In the past 90 days, the value of bitcoin has increased ten times in the financial panic, made from CNN to other bitcoin national media has become the latest virtual safety net.

The history last summer in Greece, the Mediterranean region of the island nation’s economic collapse bitcoin pushed to the annual high. In June, Europe off vote the pound fell more than 10 percentage points, the market value quickly to bitcoin, or more than $100. Recently, Donald? J? Trump was elected as the forty-fifth president of the United States, overnight makes bitcoin bonuses jumped four percentage points, because of Trump’s ghost at the market.

The bull market is no doubt? No, but we have already predicted developments and understand how it will end. With more and more members of the European Union and paralysis, bitcoin continues to demonstrate its fearless strength, the crisis comes, you will get your money transfer to go? Bitcoin has proved to be the best drama, regardless of your town which is located in the country are the same. Italy is a than Greece or Cyprus are much larger economies in the EU ranked fourth only to France, considering that, bitcoin owners may usher in a very popular Christmas event.

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