Italy’s largest taxi companies to accept bitcoin payments

Italy’s largest taxi companies to accept bitcoin payments

Italy’s largest taxi company CooperativaRadioTaxi3570 now to accept bitcoin payments. The company has more than 3700 taxis in Rome, each year more than 10 million taxi service.

About RadioTaxi3570

RadioTaxi3570 was founded by 100 members in November 1968, its website says that RadioTaxi3570 belongs to all taxi drivers in Rome.

The company has the lowest price publicity in europe. It’s probably a day switchboard received 30000 phone, the 7000 from foreign tourists.

RadioTaxi3570 Italy is the first to obtain ISO9001 certification of the taxi company. It also won the 2010 and 2012 ICT innovation award. The company said:

“Radiotaxi3570 is the industry’s largest company, is also the largest electric electric taxi company called europe.”

Accept bitcoin payment

According to the RadioTaxi3570 website description of current payment methods including bitcoin, credit card, Bancomat and Paypal.

To accept bitcoin payments is realized by bitcoin startups Chainside. In September, Chainside and Italy call taxi Alliance (URI) and founder of LorenoBittarelli, to achieve cooperation, to provide a wallet, invoice and monitoring service. President Bittarelli is RadioTaxi3570.

URI Chainside integration platform in the intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer reservation application ITTaxi. RadioTaxi3570 also use the application. The user connected to the ITTaxi to the itinerary and route calculation and price. Users pay for bitcoin will jump to the Chainside page. When a payment received, ITTaxi will receive a confirmation message.

Taxi hacker Marathon

The use of bitcoin payment in cooperation with Chainside URI and RadioTaxi3570 is not the primary exploration. In June 2015, they co hosted a marathon in the industry RadioTaxi3570 media center. TaxiHack is the first hacker marathon. Two day event is jointly organized by URI and Codemotion.

The winner of the marathon is the BitTaxi application, the application allows users to pay with bitcoin. Our team has created an integrated module in ITTaxi, the company’s website wrote. In the marathon, Bittarelli comments:

“It’s hard to imagine all the people are able to accept bitcoin payments, but we want to express is that we always welcome and encourage innovation. We have been to innovation as growth factors. We want to send a strong signal to our competitors.”

Once the BitTaxi ITTaxi bitcoin payment module, RUI and RadioTaxi3570 will be able to have a variety of ways to accept bitcoin. RadioTaxi3570 and URI are used in the application, the former has 3700 taxis, the latter 50 in the city of Italy has about 12000 members. According to Bittarelli, the ITTaxiapp has been extended to the more than 50 national city.

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