Jack Ma on bitcoin: be careful, but the technology is very powerful

Jack Ma on bitcoin: be careful, but the technology is very powerful

Ma Yun how to look at the future development trend of bitcoin?

In a recent public event, Ma Yun replied a bitcoin bitcoin enthusiasts site according to the view of the question,

For bitcoin, I don’t have much interest, I want to know is what bitcoin can bring to the society? But again, I think bitcoin technology is very powerful, so in the Alibaba, Alipay, we are also trying to ensure that we will push the world into a cashless society.”

But bitcoin, we look at it, I was very careful, bitcoin is not very understanding, I am always curious, you are bitcoin enthusiasts, I don’t think bitcoin cannot do without.”


Although the Jack Ma publicly stressed the bitcoin cautious, but the words revealed the bottom block chain bitcoin affirmation.

The Jack Ma blockchain attitude was already in action. This year, the ant Gold Service announced its first technical layout, block chain is the primary domain, and Aritificialintelligence (Artificial Intelligence), Security (Security) and IoT (IOT) and Cloudcomputing (Cloud Computing) constitute the cornerstone of ant payment service technology open, and on this basis, risk control, credit and extension connect three ability.

Just recently, in November 8th, the Alibaba group, ant group and gold dress xiongan signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the Alibaba and payment service will be the construction of digital ant xiongan blockchain implementation platform. The block chain and financial cloud, credit, biometrics, financial intelligence, risk control and security cooperation, will eventually become “xiongan credit cooperative governance City, green city, Pratt livelihood financial technology innovation city”. It can be seen that the Alibaba has already put in the strategic layout of the chain block position, and full penetration of its business.

Block chain power, the cashless society how far?

It is worth noting that Ma Yun on bitcoin technology powerful, with particular emphasis on the role of the cashless society. In March this year, the “cashless era” has become the focus of discussion NPC and CPPCC, Alipay also shouted slogans, with five years of time to promote the China into the cashless society.

In the promotion of the “cashless society”, China’s central bank is also the pioneer. In February 2017, the central bank to promote digital ticket trading platform based on chain block test is successful, the legal digital currency issued by the central bank on the platform has been test run, then study the digital currency under the central bank also formally. This year, the central bank digital currency Research Institute for China’s legal digital currency times sound.

With the development of technology, the cashless society is the inevitable trend of the evolution of money. Not only China, many countries central banks are concerned with the study of electronic currency. The Swedish central bank is considering the issue of “electronic crown”, Japan is planning in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games had launched their own national digital currency “JCOIN”, Britain, Singapore, Canada and other countries of the central bank have also started a legal digital currency.

In short, whether or not the horse Dad love bitcoin, the cashless society is coming, and plays important role in the chain block.

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