Japan and South Korea block chain alliance to promote the widespread adoption of blockchain

nRunaway Comment: During the Blockchain TechBiz meeting held in Seoul recently, the two blockchain advocacy organizations in Japan and South Korea officially signed a cooperation agreement to jointly promote the wider adoption of blockchain technology. So far, the two alliances each have more than 100 members, for a total of more than 200 member companies. According to the statement, both parties will deepen cooperation in major industry activities and share knowledge and experience with each other in the future.n
nTranslation: Clovern
Two blockchain advocacy groups from Japan and South Korea are working together to promote broader adoption of this technology.n
According to the translation, the Korean Blockchain Forum (KBOF) and Japan’s Blockchain Alliance (BCCC) have already started the cooperative talks in November. During the Blockchain TechBiz meeting in Seoul on December 19, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement.n
BCCC states:n
n”In the future, we will deepen the cooperation between the two sides in various major events and activities and will share each other’s accumulated knowledge.”n
nAccording to its introduction, since its inception, the two major coalition members now have more than 200 companies. BCCC announced in December last year its membership has more than 100 companies, including Microsoft Japan, Sumitomo Mitsui Insurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bitbank and ConsenSys and so on.n
Similarly, in its statement, KBOF said its members have reached 157 organizations and attracted blockchain start-up companies, IT companies, government agencies, academic institutions and local municipal offices.n
At a time when regulators in South Korea, which hosts the Blockchain TechBiz conference, are stepping up regulation of cryptocurrencies, officials in the country also said they want to avoid putting a burden on companies involved in blockchain non-financial applications.n
As previously reported, following the country’s total ban on the issuance of digital tokens, the South Korean government is now seriously considering ways to control the speculation of cryptocurrencies.n

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