Japan bitcoin bitcoin usage of thriving businesses far more than expected

Japan bitcoin bitcoin usage of thriving businesses far more than expected

Since Japan started as a legitimate bitcoin payment after Japan bitcoin times more numerous than expected. Japan’s biggest bitcoin exchange CEO Bitflyer YuzoKano described this trend to us.

Bitcoin accepted in Japan

In April 1st, Japan began to bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment, similar to prepaid cards and gift certificates. Since then, bitcoin in Japan and in the growing acceptance of citizens.

In April began to accept bitcoin retailers, there are two BicCamera stores. The Japanese electronics giant BicCamera sales and Bitflyer cooperation, the first to try to accept bitcoin payments.

This message is a lot of mainstream media reported in japan:

According to reports, large retail store, BicCamera started to accept bitcoin payments news from April this year, have been reported in many television programs, newspapers and websites, the news that many people are interested in bitcoin.”

Bitflyer CEO YuzoKano said,

“Bitcoin surge in interest in Japanese businesses, many other retailers are considering to accept bitcoin payments. We expect that some large retail stores and e-commerce sites within this year will introduce bitcoin payments, next year will be more and more.”

“Tens of thousands of stores have applied” to accept bitcoin payments”.

Japanese increasing use of bitcoin payment

Last week, Japan’s national newspaper “YomiuriShimbun” published reports: bitcoin is used more and more in japan.

The newspaper reported that Tokyo a popular belt sushi restaurant about 70 pen to accept bitcoin payments in March. This sushi bar called NumazukoGinza1st”.

The restaurant has a bitcoin ATM. To buy bitcoin fee is 11.9%, the purchase of 100 thousand yen.

The restaurant manager told the media: “the number of Japanese bitcoin customers than we expected.”

Kano said,

“Now, we have heard that Japan was the main users of bitcoin payment. 20 to 40 year old men in the bitcoin use rate on the performance of the most powerful.”

Bitflyer users are also on the rise. “Since April 1st, the number of customers has been growing rapidly,” he added, “the number of users close to 600k”.

No bitcoin payment remittance fee

Another advantage is the use of bitcoin, compared with the foreign exchange yen, bitcoin does not need to pay foreign exchange fees (FX).

“When foreign tourists exchange dollars and other currencies to the yen, they will charge a commission of about 3%. However, if they use bitcoin, they do not need to pay the exchange fee.”

In addition, the government has announced that from the beginning of July, Japan bitcoin trading will no longer levy a 8% consumption tax.

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