Japan bitcoin exchange for the surge in the number of bitcoin prices to attract new users to enter

Japan bitcoin exchange for the surge in the number of bitcoin prices to attract new users to enter

According to foreign media reports, in Japan began to recognize bitcoin is a legitimate payment after just a month in the country there were more than 10 new companies to apply for bitcoin exchange.

At the same time, there are signs that more and more institutional investors bitcoin interest.

The establishment of Japan bitcoin exchange

In April 1st, Japan formally recognized bitcoin is a legitimate way of payment. A week later, some of the major retailers that accept bitcoin payment plan. In April 7th, BicCamera payment system provided by Bitflyer, at the start of its two stores to accept bitcoin payments.

At the same time this summer, bitcoin exchange Coincheck and RecruitLifestyle cooperation, the bitcoin payment system to 26 stores.

In addition, the Japanese government announced the start of bitcoin trading will no longer levy consumption tax from July this year.

“Nikkei Asian review” reported on Tuesday that Japan’s new requirements in Japan opened bitcoin exchange must be licensed. Japan digital currency business association told reporters, currently about 18 companies are planning to apply for exchange licenses; including the existing exchange, such as Bitflyer.

Bitcoin exchange competition

Some big companies in Japan’s stock market is entering the bitcoin exchange competition. Including SBI group, GMO group, Kabi.com Internet Securities and currency partners.

SBI group announced in October last year, has launched a “SBI virtual currency bitcoin exchange. It was explained that the platform will provide digital currency exchange and transaction services for SBI group company.

Japan’s leading Internet service provider GMO Internet Group announced in January this year, plans to develop bitcoin wallet and exchange service. Confirmed by the media, the group is “the establishment of internal bitcoin exchange, plans to increase the number of transactions according to the needs of bitcoin.

In addition, the two plans in the bitcoin industry company is the securities and foreign exchange dealer MoneyPartnersGroup Kabu.com.

Kabu.com securities is MITSUBISHI UFJ financial group (MUFG) only dedicated to online securities company. The group is one of Japan’s leading foreign exchange brokerage company. In April 2016, the company has invested in San Francisco bitcoin exchange kelaken.

The needs of institutional investors

“Nikkei Asian review” wrote:

“Many of the new game player interested in the bitcoin into a new investment choice. A company source told us, given bitcoin value rise, their customers need bitcoin.”

BrianKellyCapital is an investment management company, dedicated to institutional investors and high net worth individuals. Brian Kelly, founder of the company with the reference of the institutions and other investors in the dialogue, he shared:

“Now is the biggest driving force, you begin to see the institutional investors on the bitcoin industry are very interested in.”

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