Japan bitcoin exchange said in an interview in Japan bitcoin trading market rates

Japan bitcoin exchange said in an interview in Japan bitcoin trading market rates

As Japan bitcoin legalized and Japan’s most influential electronics retailer BicCamera to accept bitcoin payments after Japan bitcoin demand increased significantly.

In the past few months, the Japanese exchange contrast global exchanges show an overwhelming influence. The market driven global bitcoin trading market demand will rise, bitcoin prices pushed to new highs.

In 30 days, bitcoin prices rose from $1200 to $1760. Monthly growth rate reached a staggering 32%.

Some enterprises has reached billions of dollars of assets in Japan, announced the launch of bitcoin digital currency exchange and independent.

Some digital currency investors believe that the recent zero fee of digital currency transactions in the Japanese currency trading market to promote bitcoin prices continued to grow.

Two of Japan bitcoin exchange QUOINE and BitFlyer said in an interview to clarify, Japan bitcoin trading market does have a place to charge.

BitFlyer as the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, and occupy 67% of Japan’s trading volume.

BitFlyer CEO YuzoKano said:

“We exchange transaction fees charged BTC and FX”. So here was in January of this year before the China different. You can see not only the flow of the BTC capital market, but also to encrypt all the money market. “

Occupy Japan exchange market share around 10% of the chief executive of QUOINE MikeKayamori further stressed that in addition to BTC/JPY spot transaction, the transaction will be charged accordingly in accordance with the provisions of.

Some analysts believe that due to the low charge Japan bitcoin trading market or zero charge leads to the current bitcoin price instability, this argument does not have to be recognized by most people.

Kayamori said: “at QUOINE, we receive all currencies other than BTC/JPY on the spot transaction cost. Other digital currency exchange, and margin trading, will charge a fee. But our price is quite large, we in May 4, the trading volume in March is still lower than in some.

Headquartered in Tokyo, JonSouthurst reporter pointed out that due to the loose monetary policy, leading institutional investors and ordinary traders are looking for bitcoin and other investment alternatives.

In April 24th, Cointelegraph reported that the Japanese government printing with large amounts of cash, bitcoin prices may rise.

Senior editor HolgerZschaepitz said:

In view of this, we can draw a conclusion about Japan’s rising demand to promote the current bitcoin bitcoin prices rose the conclusion was supported and proved very good.”

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