Japan bitcoin outbreak! The global trading volume ranks second behind Chinese

Japan bitcoin outbreak! The global trading volume ranks second behind Chinese

According to an article reported that the number of bitcoin trading in Japan ranked second in the world.

Japan is the bitcoin technology faithful fans, recently the proposed regulatory framework for digital currency friendly. Now, the online bitcoin trading scenario as the Japanese rising sun, its potential is acer.

Over the weekend, according to reports, Japan bitcoin trading volume ranked second in the world, after the Chinese trading volume, while the trading volume beat the United states. Reddit.com (news website name) published online in a picture to prove before speech. The photo shows the bitcoin / yen trading volume ranked the top of the bitcoin, bitcoin / euro / dollar trading volume. Even if the source of this information has not been determined, but it seems that it is still possible.

Following the defeat of MtGox (the exchange because hackers reason to countless cause significant economic losses), encryption currency ecosystem Japan gradually on the right track. A considerable number of experts believe that MtGox this event will continue to make bitcoin in Japan, but Japan’s regulatory difficulties and take active measures to create an atmosphere of confidence for the bitcoin community. Japan to encourage the use of digital currency, it recently admitted that it was the status of digital currency as the currency.

Released yesterday on reddit.com bitcoin / post credibility yen trading volume is being discussed, bitcoin transactions in Japan on an average day at least 5W bitcoin, which in itself is a huge number of. Japan is one of the bitcoin exchange, zaif the latest day bitcoin trading volume reached 4.5w.

The Japanese currency encryption community not only bitcoin interest, but also interested in other digital currency platform and block chain technology. For example: in Japan, many startups are over Counterparty protocol to create applications, Counterparty is another built on top of the bitcoin blockchain financial application protocol.

According to reports, at present in Japan has more than 1000 merchants began to accept bitcoin payments. Similarly, in Japan there are more than 13 bitcoin ATM ATM service official operation.

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