Japan bitcoin payment in Marui, a large department store chain to accept bitcoin payments

Japan bitcoin payment in Marui, a large department store chain to accept bitcoin payments

Japan bitcoin payment progress, according to foreign media reports, a large Japanese chain Marui has partnered with Bitflyer, from August 7th began to accept Bitcoin payment. Marui has become the first Japanese to accept bitcoin large department stores.

Marui consumer groups for young fashion crowd”

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) the number of shows, Marui is a popular Japanese department store chain, with high-end fashion brand and original designer boutiques and”. The store is one of the seven shopping sites listed on the JNTO website.

“Cultural tour” will be called in Tokyo and other large Japanese city large stores chain stores. Their iconic logo looks like “0101” and “Japanese” read “Marui”. The chain point “at the age of 20-35 years old between young and fashionable audience”.

Marui group was founded in 1931, the group currently has 31 stores in Japan, popular with young fashion favorite.

Shinjuku Marui store to accept bitcoin payments

On Friday, Marui group announced Japan’s largest bitcoin exchange Bitflyer and commercial service providers began the trial to accept bitcoin payments.

Initially, the team will test the payment in the one place, may in the future be extended to more stores. Shinjuku Marui store will formally accept bitcoin in the period from August 7th to October 31st.

Shinjuku is the main commercial and administrative center of Tokyo, is the world’s busiest train station and Tokyo government buildings are located.

Only the Bitflyer wallet can be used in iOS and Android, can be initially used in ShinjukuMaruiAnnex. Customers at the point of sale in intelligent mobile phone camera scanning shop on a tablet computer code QR. Bitflyer said: “a few seconds trading settlement, convenient and quick.”

To commemorate this event, Bitflyer continues to spend 10 yen more than 3000 bitcoin customers donated 3000 yen.

Japanese businessmen bitcoin revenue continues to grow.

Because the Japanese government in April began to be regarded as bitcoin payment, more and more shops began to accept bitcoin. Recently, Bitflyer has helped to all the shops with some Sofmap and Kojima stores launched bitcoin payment options.

Although August 1st bitcoin hard fork, this week some businesses to temporarily stop bitcoin payment, but the data show that Coincheck still increased the number of businesses to accept bitcoin list. They expected 26 10000 stores will use Coincheck’s payment service started to accept bitcoin this year.

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