Japan bitcoin trading platform bitflyer $1 million 750 thousand financing

Japan bitcoin trading platform bitflyer $1 million 750 thousand financing


Bitcoin trading platform in Japan, bitflyer has grown from two major financial institutions in the country received a $1 million 750 thousand investment.

After the MtGox incident, Japan bitcoin market appeared a hitherto unknown strong. With the increase of bitcoin use in Japan, the local exchange gained more financing. Bitflyer received $1 million 750 thousand in financing that banks and financial institutions bitcoin digital currency and interest in increasing.

Japan’s leading bitcoin exchange Bitflyer has been the Mizuho Financial Group and Mitsui Financial Group investment Sumitomo. In this round of financing, bitflyer has obtained the Japanese financial industry well-known big two investment companies, in addition, bitflyer investments include Tokyo MITSUBISHI UFJ Ltd., SBI investment, MS&AD insurance group, RecruitStrategicPartners group and Dai-chiLife.

In recent days, affected by the new regulations bitcoin, other digital currency inflows into the platform of bitflyer and Japan. The new regulations are expected to take effect in May 2017, under the new law bitcoin is regarded as currency.

The establishment of the legal status of bitcoin and bitflyer use block chain technology to create the core system for every effort has been successful in attracting mainstream financial and investment bank gold hook. According to reports, the new technology of bitflyer have been developed by Sumitomo Mitsui bank and Mizuho Financial Group test. In addition, it is said that the encryption currency platforms are being developed their own Miyabi block chain project “”.

Through this financing, the amount of financing more than $36 million in Bitflyer. In 2016 and 2015, bitflyer has raised $28 million and $6 million 500 thousand investment. To change the global banking industry to increase interest in the chain block and bank investment rules will bring more opportunities for encryption currency company.

Japan has become a major global currency market encryption. According to the present situation, the first half of the Japanese bitcoin industry may be the better performance in 2017.

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