Japan will be able to use bitcoin to pay utilities

Japan will be able to use bitcoin to pay utilities


Japan bitcoin services company Coincheck announced today that a CoincheckDenki service, allowing users to use bitcoin to pay utilities.

But in fact, bitcoin users can save a lot of money for heavy users up to 4%-6%. Even mild users can save, Coincheck said. The user is also able to collect them save bitcoin wallet stored in Coincheck.

Earlier, the parent company of ResuPressInc. and MitsuwaindustryCo.Ltd. Coincheck reached a preliminary cooperation relationship. In order to promote bitcoin payment, Coincheck E-netSystemsCo and Mitsuwa subsidiary, Ltd. cooperation.

Major milepost bitcoin

KagaKawabata business development director Coincheck said his company has achieved a major milepost bitcoin. Users will be able to use bitcoin from the beginning of November.

This service is the first of this type of service in Japan, because bitcoin in daily life consumption is still relatively new things. However, a large number of Tokyo and Osaka enterprises have begun to accept bitcoin, most of the Japanese more love to be as a speculative tool.

Not only that, in the utilities of this kind of daily consumption in the use of bitcoin is indeed a big event.

Consumers use bitcoin to pay the bills, usually through the third party billing business, such as LivingRoomofSatoshi. The departments of public utilities and users typically do not know how they are paid.

The Coincheck has shown a public company can realize the content. In Japan, this business transaction is between the large enterprises and their subsidiaries complex alliance network and cooperation to achieve.

Who can use bitcoin to pay utility bills?

The power network system CoincheckDenki Marubeni has partnerships with power retail enterprises, the latter 17 areas in Japan have power plant. But the companies in more than 22 other countries have the power business experience.

Coincheck said the service area will be expanded in the future. Although the original only after the payment of electricity, service will cover gas, water, and even mobile phone bills to pay.

The development of bitcoin and block chain in the Chinese

Bitcoin gradually global warming has also led to Chinese and game player bitcoin merchants favor.

Although the central bank and other five ministries issued “about bitcoin risk prevention notice” clearly stipulates the bitcoin does not belong to the monetary, financial institutions and Payment institutions may not engage in bitcoin related businesses, so the application of bitcoin in the business field is almost zero. But this does not hinder the research of bitcoin and bitcoin block chain enterprises and the potential of distributed technology books.

Fire currency investigation before and issued a detailed report of the global bitcoin bitcoin, mainly introduced the development situation in the world, bitcoin industry chain, bitcoin transaction principle, and potential block chain technology and so on. This simple and easy to understand and report brought great benefits for bitcoin and the popularity of the blockchain.

At the same time, fire currency also launched a “block chain – definition of future financial and economic new pattern of” one book, further elaborated the bitcoin potential block chain technology.

A block chain alliance, and nearly a year to set up large financial institutions blockchain start-ups, investment banks and financial institutions to join the main global block chain alliance and so on, are that China are joining the Internet to create 2 standard competition, and try to lead the standards war.

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