Japanese Internet giant GMO launched bitcoin mining operations

Japanese Internet giant GMO launched bitcoin mining operations

Japanese Internet giant GMO group announced today that it has been through the European legal entity launched a new crypto currency mining business, the purpose is to better recommend encryption currency.

GMO launches bitcoin mining operations

The Japanese group? GMO group today launched a new crypto currency mining business, the business will use existing technology from the Nordic facility (mining mining center). The new business will be gradually phased development, the company’s announcement in December 20th in detail.

According to the company website, GM Internet will use 7 nm in the mining process (nm) chip technology, the partners are jointly developed with the alliance, the partners have semiconductor design technology, with the development of high performance computer (mining board). The company plans in the first half of 2018 to carry out the “mining in the next generation of mining operations.

Just a week ago, GMO proposed to use bitcoin to pay about 4700 employees, in order to promote the progress of the whole group encryption currency. As for the reason behind the new initiatives, the company explained:

Currency mining operations through the use of encryption we accumulated in the Internet infrastructure and financial aspects of the Internet into the proprietary technology alliance partner, is currently with a semiconductor design technology to develop research and development of high performance computer, namely “new currency”.

More game player to mining

Tokyo based GMO group has more than 60 companies in 10 countries. It enters the bitcoin mining industry may concern mining dominant Bitmain welcome.

Bitmain is a professional mining hardware (including ASIC chip) market leader. The GMO group is able to occupy the main market in Chinese remains to be seen.

7 the development of nanotechnology GMO is said to be four times higher than the current bitcoin mining industry standard. Mining software developer RSKLabs CEO Diego? Gutierrez (DiegoGutierrez) said earlier that 7 nanometer chip is the next generation for miners. He explained that if the field has not yet begun, other miners will certainly follow and create their own 7 nanometer chip.

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