Japan’s largest electricity supplier Lotte Group or will accept bitcoin

Japan’s largest electricity supplier Lotte Group or will accept bitcoin

Japan’s Daily News reported on July 16th the Japanese electricity supplier giant Lotte Co. (Rakuten) CEO Hiroshi Mikitani said in a speech at the company may accept bitcoin “sooner or later”.
Lotte is Japan’s largest electronics shops “Lotte market operators, users in 2006 more than 18 million people, has more than 10000 employees. In addition to business “Infoseek” and other 40 kinds of different business website.
Mikitani in a speech said: “today the Internet revolution accelerated, I guess we accept bitcoin is sooner or later. Bitcoin provides a stable option for some countries, and even their own country.”

Business and competition

Lotte (Rakuten) is considered to be Amazon.com global competitors. Mikitani is also known as the pioneer of Japanese Internet business, known as the “Japan” s Jeff Bezos “. He also manages a Japanese occupation baseball team Rakuten Eagles, and won the Japan Series in the last year.

Go out

Lotte began to actively carry out mergers and acquisitions since 2000, Lotte Group has been formed, relevant enterprises also include securities companies, occupation baseball, tourism website etc.. The company is JASDAQ listed company, is Japan by group members. In November 29, 2007, Le Tian group in Taiwan and Taipei city unified enterprise group signed a joint venture in Taiwan Le Tian market Limited by Share Ltd “(Le Tian Holdings Corporation holding 51%, 7-Eleven, 49%) is expected to the second quarter of 2008 officially began operating together to enter the Taiwan market shopping website. Taiwan is the first overseas market Lotte extension point.

In February 14, 2014, Lotte announced, intends to $900 million acquisition of Viber Media, israel.

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