Jiang Zhuoer and Li Chen 100 bitcoin gambling, who can laugh the last?

Microblogging was quite lively yesterday. A blogger named Li Chen posted his own amount of bitcoin on his micro blog. If you don’t see, you don’t know. This Li Chen is amazing. According to the video he shows, there are 9023 bitcoins in his hand. That’s a lot of money. If you calculate it at the current currency price, 9023 bitcoin is equivalent to 250 million US dollars. As soon as this happened, the whole coin circle was boiling. Weibo money circle from all walks of life came to watch. And a lot of big men think that Li Chen’s wallet is fake. Who is Li Chen? For Li Chen, many people’s impression of him should be from a program called “it’s all you belong to”. This Li Chen is known as the most outstanding job seeker on the show “you are the best”. At the age of 15, he was admitted to the school of international relations of Peking University. But after reading only one year, I dropped out and started a business. In the process of recording the program, Li Chen had a heated argument with CEOs from all over the world. From Li Chen’s live performance, we can really feel that he has two brushes. Just after Li Chen released the video, myna forwarded Li Chen’s wallet video, hoping that professionals could verify whether there were so many bitcoins in the wallet address. This micro blog soon attracted Jiang Zhuoer’s attention. So Jiang Zhuoer left a message on myna’s microblog. He thinks the bitcoin in Li Chen’s wallet is probably fake. As a result, this sentence annoyed Li Chen. Soon, Li Chen met him back under Jiang Zhuoer’s Micro message. For this matter, Jiang Zhuo Er did not admit to advise. After that, he wrote a male article to tell us why he decided that Li Chen’s video was fake, and gave a method to identify the authenticity of bitcoin wallet. Jiang Zhuoer doesn’t think that Li Chen’s video represents anything, because one person in his group sent a 57000 bitcoin and 260 million usdt wallet to record the screen. And this video not only publishes the total amount of tokens, but also shows the income and expenditure details after clicking. So in Jiang Zhuoer’s opinion, video counterfeiting can be realized completely. Then Jiang Zhuoer listed three ways of counterfeiting: first, using a fake app to make a fake; second, importing an observation address and loading someone else’s currency into his own force; third, borrowing someone else’s wallet (you can’t issue money without a password), or spending money to let others use other people’s address to sign their own information. Jiang Zhuoer said that if Li Chen really wants to prove that the currency in his wallet is his own, he might as well open a live broadcast and turn the coin in front of everyone to prove it. Jiang Zhuoer’s biggest doubt about Li Chen is that he thinks that Li Chen’s means of flaunting his wealth are too low, which is not in line with the big man with this asset level. And for Li Chen’s wallet address, jiangzhuoer has a way to verify its authenticity. “Although the BTC address of the wallet in the video can only see 3h4gjwo7gs This part, but it doesn’t matter. Smart bit. C o m. A u can view all the BTC addresses that have been traded. You can enter your BTC address and see it. But input Li Chen 3h4gjw this address beginning, found that there is no used address at all. This is what I demonstrated in my last tweet. “ Of course, Jiang Zhuoer is just guessing. He hopes Li Chen can give him a clear answer. So Jiang Zhuoer suggested that Li Chen live broadcast in public to prove that he owned 9023 bitcoins and 90000 Ethereum. If Li Chen proves in the live broadcast that he does have these assets, then Jiang Zhuoer is willing to pay Li Chen 30 bitcoins as the hard work of converting coins. And he put forward a request, hoping that Li Chen would complete the proof within 48 hours. Otherwise, once the time is too long, Li Chen is likely to hire a development team to make a fake app for him, and then use the fake app to live transfer money. But if it’s done within 48 hours, you can really prove that you do own these assets. After all, it’s hard for a development team to complete a fake app in 48 hours. After a while, Li Chen replied to Jiang Zhuoer. He agreed to this request. But he thinks 30 bitcoins are too few, and he hopes to bet on 100 bitcoins. Moreover, Li Chen hopes that Jiang Zhuoer will clarify the rules of proof. If his wallet contains less than 10000 bitcoins, he will lose. After that, Jiang Zhuoer announced his address to Li Chen and hoped that Li Chen could announce his address according to the gambling agreement. According to the past experience, danfan jiangzhuoer interacts with others on microblog. Most people will be on the side of the opposition to jandrol. But for Li Chen’s matter, we were surprisingly unanimous in standing on the side of Jiang Zhuoer, thinking that Li Chen was lying. In order to prove that his inference is correct, Jiang Zhuo Er later exposed some other evidence. In October, Li Chen was unable to withdraw his own currency from the okex platform due to the prohibition of withdrawal from okex. In order to complain about this, Li Chen also sent a special micro blog. After that, okex staff verified the data in the background according to the pictures sent out by Li Chen. However, the staff on the okex side did not find an account that matched the picture. So they think that Li Chen’s picture is probably fake. Because of this precedent, Jiang Zhuoer firmly believes that Li Chen is lying. Later, Li Chen probably didn’t want to work on this matter any more, so he decided to give the matter to one of his assistants, Dading, which is really difficult to name, and let his assistant connect with Jiang Zhuoer. It was probably because it was late, and there was no communication between the two sides. As a gourd eater, it’s not too big to watch the excitement. Since the two sides have made a bet, the matter will come to light sooner or later. In fact, I am also very curious about who will lose these 100 bitcoins at the end of this matter?

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