Jiangsu Market Authority: beware of imparting bitcoin mining skills “and other short video fraud trap

Today is not a digital currency market. Bitcoin yesterday hit $3911, then began to gradually decline, at 15:00, at $3834.

In December, New York research firm Delphi Digtal released a 59 page report “BTC” (The State of Bitcoin status). At the bottom of the bitcoin predicted that although the bitcoin will face selling pressure in the short term, but from the cycle, the latest in 2019 Q1 bottom.


Jiangsu Market Supervision Bureau in April 12 released 12 cautioned: Recently, more than the short video platform for the implementation of fraud cases occurred in Jiangsu Province, which is characterized by the use of vibrato and other network short video publishing platform provides money lending, imparting bitcoin mining skills “, fake Alipay account fraud.

You open your eyes impossible to guard against fraud.


According to the South China Morning Post in December 19th, two anonymous sources said that the Hongkong stock market regulators are reluctant to allow the bit, IPO in Hongkong. Sources said that the Hongkong stock market regulators, before the appropriate regulatory framework in place, any encryption currency trading platform or associated with the business through the IPO in Hongkong is still too early to raise funds. The South China Morning Post that the company, and other encryption currency bit plans to launch IPO, the current situation may be an impassable obstacle”. On the day before (18 days), the Hongkong Stock Exchange (HKEX) a spokesman told the Cointelegraph, IPO, bit reluctant to approve the rumors.

Or confirm message.


According to IMEOS reports, in December 19th, many EOS DApp suffered a rollback attack, the loss of BetDice 200 thousand EOS, EOS Max EOS ToBet over the loss of 50 thousand, loss of 22000 EOS, 8000 EOS Big.game loss.

If you can not guarantee the security, the future development of doomed bumpy.


McAfee released the December 2018 threat report for the third quarter of 2018, nearly 4 million new malware samples encryption mining, 2 million 500 thousand in the first quarter is far higher than that of. And in the past year, the total growth of malware 4467%. The report pointed out that although not ransomware more harmful, but also destructive and bring huge losses. (ZDnet)

2018 years, hackers frequent countries exchange encryption. Although no mining malware harm extortion software, hackers stealing coins etc. so harmful, but also can bring harm.


A Bloomberg Government analysis report shows that the United States federal agencies to block chain technology in fiscal year 2018 investment more than the sum of all previous years. However, the federal government is still in the use of block chain to stage, in fiscal year 2018 block chain project expenditure from fiscal year 2017 of $40 billion to $11 million 500 thousand.

It also shows that the blockchain future is bright.


Japan’s financial services agency (FSA) recently announced the annual activity report “financial office a year”, describes the financial department in the period from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 activities. The onion inquiry found that this report is Japan’s first mentioned virtual currency related events. In the “future investment strategy”, expounds the main measures to promote innovation of financial department, such as the application of block chain technology. The number of virtual currency and other consulting counseling from the financial department, according to factors classification, there are 2799 common consultation (47%), the relevant administrative requirements of the 14433 (24%). In addition, the report also mentioned that the virtual currency Research Association, Coincheck, administrative penalties for theft of domestic virtual currency exchange.

1 years ago, a variety of encryption currency still impact with a peak of 2018 years last month, the market is still very cold. This year, security issues become the topic of strict supervision. On the other hand, the development of block chain technology, global concern, various countries and regions continue to actively support the policy.

(source: chinaft trading China)

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