Julian Assange bitcoin blockchain proved the safety of life

Julian Assange bitcoin blockchain proved the safety of life


As the first bitcoin blockchain as proof of public life, JulianAssange once again made a historic contribution to the outstanding. In response to the outside world on the security question, the Wikileaks founder of security in TwitchTV RedditAskMeAnything program and the audience are interactive quiz, Assange said:

“We are not under pressure, but has been under pressure, which I feel is a bit silly, but whether we live free or being tied, this is stupid. For example, if you mention my friend JohnPilger, you will think he is my resistance to fund operators, a famous brave reporters, my lawyer, my close friend, love MurrayLove and the government of Ecuador, such as labels, if you need to participate in the work of his actual statistics and the number of work and will be made out of the illusion, it was found that the social label is rongfan. This is the social identity.”

Then Assange read through the bit number #447506 and hash mine provide more convincing evidence of encryption, which is a Bitmain mining bit mine, in January 2017 ten 15:50:25 London time formal mining. At first he was reading this clue, so had to repeat, he joked that the wrong information will make people crazy, then added the error itself is proof of evidence of life, because the error is normal human mistakes.

To prove safety is to respond to external challenge widely used block chain, because Assange is currently living in Ecuador Embassy in October 19, 2016 was cut off by the Internet and all contact with the outside world, it is the most important presidential election results come out several weeks ago.

As some people assume that he has died, doubts began to constantly upgrade, and achieved a cult status, doubt that video and audio was modified, it rose to a height of philosophy, that is the contemporary people how to prove the exact thing?

However, those fears and doubts were not justified. Assange of the WikiLeaks website exposure a lot about information on all the media before the election. He exposed between the campaign team and media HillaryClinton collusion, private as well as public attitudes, but also exposed the most explosive news:

“Everybody wants to give up to the government, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and become an unwitting and blind citizen. Knowledge is very common, but which has been declining. This problem requires some serious thought, not only from the poll driven and the perspective of demography.”

The exposure by pepememes to 24 / 7 the metaphor of Trump’s supporters to unite and persuade the neutral guide Trump, brings us not only is our generation and historically memorable victory.

They are now called him the white witch, even grey hair he remains concerned about bitcoin. In fact, he regards bitcoin history as British Prime Minister AlistairDarling for the British history is as important. As the WikiLeaks revelations of the American soldiers accidentally kill Reuters in the United States government credibility, so that the cut off all of the funding organizations. PC in the history of the world, a small bitcoin network cost almost a dollar is as an alternative way quietly, but due to the exposure of WikiLeaks Nakamoto worry about “rhubarb toward the hive” just born digital money. He disappeared in unknown circumstances.

On the other hand, Assange may be introduced into the correct direction of bitcoin. In 2013 he introduced to Google company CEOEricSchmidt digital currency, Wikileaks is one of the first to accept bitcoin company. In general, he usually does not participate in this field, perhaps because the last statement Nakamoto, bitcoin blockchain that he recently used a highly publicized trend of technology proves that this technology is a new developing direction of the next year.

NASA programmers the world’s first antivirus software JohnMcAfee has been in the field of bit mine invested $about 1000000. At the same time KimDotCom has tweeted several times about bitcoin message. Combined with the look, they seem to have caused the attention of the Internet industry chain block technology, because bitcoin has two sides of perfect, it can not only cause the rich can also attract attention for the poor, Wall Street financiers it means the release of financial blockade.

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