Just now! Bitcoin broke through 30000 US dollars, nearly 31000 US dollars. Do retail investors dare to buy it?

According to the latest data, the price of bitcoin once exceeded $630800, with a sharp finger of $31000. No one would have thought that the thing that was worthless 10 years ago has become too high to afford. Just like now I want to have, but I don’t have the strength to buy. Many people who owned bitcoin five or three years ago have lost hundreds of millions after realizing under the pressure of 18 years’ policy? Through market value comparison, the market value of bitcoin has exceeded $6571.1 billion, ranking ninth in the world. Now someone must have asked why bitcoin has been rising. The most important is the special situation in 2020. Many investors find that stocks and other financial markets are not as good as expected, so they slowly pay attention to the digital money market. At that time, the emergence of digital currency of the people’s Bank of China just promoted people’s understanding of digital currency. Many people are gradually interested in digital currency. And bitcoin is the originator of digital currency, so its attention can be imagined. Recently, due to the problem of RBD, many investors have gradually transferred some bad assets to high-quality assets, so the demand for bitcoin has become very large. As a result, the price of bitcoin is constantly pushing up, and recently some financial institutions around the world are also buying bitcoin in large quantities, which is one of the main reasons for the rise of bitcoin. But now there is a problem, that is, because institutions buy a lot of bitcoin, there are very few bitcoin in the market, and bitcoin will be more difficult to buy. At this time, such a high price, retail investors to tell the truth, really dare not buy, if you suddenly put out 200000 to buy such a virtual product. Your first thought may be whether the brain is sick. It is because many people think so that they lose an opportunity of financial freedom.

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