Just now, bitcoin has broken through the $50000 mark. Bull Queen: it’s as high as $400000!

New year’s day five, the real God of wealth! Bitcoin hit an all-time high, rising above $50000. Bitcoin has been leading the capital market since September 2020, with an increase of nearly 300% in six months, far higher than other major assets. According to the latest data of assetdash, the total market value of bitcoin has surpassed Tesla by more than $890 billion, ranking seventh in the world. Its volume is similar to that of Tencent. With the sharp rise in the price of bitcoin, many well-known people expressed different views. Softbank Chairman Sun Zhengyi said bitcoin would replace gold and increase its unit price to $100000 by 2025. Fitzpatrick, an analyst at Citibank, is more aggressive, believing that the unit price of bitcoin is expected to rise to $318000 by 2021. While many well-known people look at multi bitcoin, some people are extremely bearish on bitcoin. Bill Gates, the former chairman of Microsoft, and Warren Buffet, chairman of Berkshire group, both think bitcoin is worthless. Cathie wood, head of ark investment management, known as the “Queen of the bull market,” and her team have modelled more companies turning cash into bitcoin. Thanks to the growing interest of institutions in bitcoin, ark investment is optimistic about bitcoin this year. According to the grand vision of ark investment in 2021, if all the constituent companies in the S & P 500 index allocate 1% of their cash to bitcoin, the price of bitcoin may rise by about $40000; if these companies allocate 10% of their cash to bitcoin, the price of the cryptocurrency will rise by $400000 accordingly. China Foundation daily economic news

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