Just on the NASDAQ soared to Zoom, by what Zhao Changpeng was in love with?

 Just on the NASDAQ soared to Zoom, by what Zhao Changpeng was in love with?

A word to describe the chain circle of love with the global software community will open Telegram, the meeting will use Zoom.

The daily planet Odaily interviewed Zhao Changpeng, said money to use Zoom; the block chain company Paxos received Odaily Daily Planet interview, also recommended by Zoom; even the EOS super node “Constitutional Convention”, also by Zoom.

In the circle of transnational chain interview, Zoom’s presence is clearly more than the former Skype.

Zoom is a video conferencing provider. The software you can be understood as UI a little more concise Skype; no friends, no public number, only the communication function of WeChat. Users do not even need to register can also participate in the meeting. It can also support the traditional enterprise conference room hardware video conference terminal, PC network, no case of telephone access, also support with Slack and other companies to assist software integration.

 Just on the NASDAQ soared to Zoom, by what Zhao Changpeng was in love with?

UI very simple zoom

Now, the company listed on the stock market. Yesterday was the first day of listing zoom, the share price rose 72%, reaching $16 billion 200 million valuation.

Founder of the Yuan face forced to sign the ignorant “Forbes” said: “I don’t know why.”

The curious Odaily also inquire about the daily planet, why this software block chain circle of love?

Smooth and low delay, automatic adjustment of clarity

Good user experience is the reason given by the chain ring users, even in the international meeting is not Caton, delay is very low.

“It is very smooth, very good use.” Secret technology Bo recommended Zoom ape.

Although as a user I, when used for a while but card. But China agent told me that your last mile network if it sucks, I can’t help you.

After consulting with several cloud video industry, the daily planet Odaily found that Zoom really good reputation in the industry, many enterprise customers will use this software. “Some scene is intolerable to delay, such as the class when the teacher interacts with.” Cloud broadcast platform Maodou network founder Li Ming said, a lot of network classroom are beginning to use Zoom.

“Why Zoom is particularly good in the use of the process? This is related to the background.” Li Ming believes that Zoom was founded at the beginning of PC Internet era is just the transition to the mobile Internet era.

The traditional video conference industry is for government agencies and large enterprises, so the main is to adapt to the company’s room with large screen and multi equipment. For many small businesses simply can not afford to give this money, the future of cloud video SaaS is the incremental market; and many employees are likely to be in the two or three line of the city, not to mention the meeting room, even 4G will not spread.

Zoom official website declared: “when your mobile device operating in 3G or 4G/LTE mode, zoom app according to the Apple Corp’s data plan guide will only send a maximum bandwidth of 1MB/min data.”

“Zoom is always the location of mobile Internet, it must adapt to a variety of mobile networks, 3/4G networks, and even some of the mobile device itself is poor, it is very successful to do network adaptive. Simply according to the resolution optimization of video and screen the available bandwidth of each user. The signal is not good, the picture can be fuzzy, but the audio is better.” Li Ming said.

Cloud video product manager Chen Yao believes that “they only have the mobile terminal and PC terminal, there is no pre conference room hardware terminal, relative image rendering area is relatively limited.” As mentioned above, the traditional to B enterprises need to focus on meeting the large screen equipment.

Before the meeting, to build a system of enterprise and railway system, the high cost of. Adaptive strategy is also let Zoom + SaaS to B to C has become not only to a certain extent, and both had one, after all with the software finally is employees. Today’s enterprise, employees all over the world, not only in the high-end office. As Zoom founder Yuan Zheng think, should pay attention to employees’ influence on business decisions. If employees feel a C end product to use, will recommend to the company.

However, some enterprises live company executive director said that compared several Zoom is stable and clear, but still have a common drawback: the audio rate is too low, it lead to the meeting, if one party is in the singing performance, it is not the original sound heard.”

Widely distributed network nodes: burn + open system

Before discussing how the underlying Zoom technology more Niubi, the first concern is the size of the node deployment.

Almost every time to accept the daily planet Odaily interview, referred to the Zoom server density, this is the key of low delay.

“If you are in Guangzhou, I was in Beijing, we are going to have a meeting. If the server is in Shanghai recently, the (information) have a circle to fly to Shanghai to attend the meeting. This delay will be higher.” Li Ming, for example, when it is in Beijing Haidian, Guangzhou Baiyun are closer to us, of course, the server delay will be much lower. If both parties in different countries and continents, not to mention the time delay.

“(node) algorithm is important.” a communications industry senior insiders bluntly, many nodes this point very tricky, because “really do not spend too much ground to.”

I like algorithm ten times stronger than you, then I would write off how much hair?” He played a joke that improved algorithm in. “I come of age, the subconscious more concerned about the amount of fat.”

This is why many chain circle users feel, in an interview or meeting of Zoom multinational experience than WeChat or Skype good reasons: WeChat and Skype server are mainly concentrated in the Chinese or the United States, the equivalent of each interaction has a “transnational information transmission”, but not Zoom.

Then again, Zoom on what node shop?

Burn + open.

Open to authorize their strategy.

“Skype is a closed system, agents can only sell directly to their account server, mostly in the United states. Zoom is an open strategy to allow agents to self deploy.” 2014 began in China agent Zoom Wu said that day, which increased the willingness of agents. A lot of China Zoom authorized agent to use their products. Even insiders said that some domestic enterprises live products, “Zoom is a shell technology package.”

Here the open, popular understanding is, Zoom will bring its own interface open to agents or some large enterprises, but the latter can retain their foreign brands, and these local operators to help Zoom deployment and maintenance of nodes, with Zoom nodes are shared globally, expand the node density of Zoom.

And dare to burn.

“In fact don’t have an open strategy, can be deployed nodes, but with Zoom than the deployment cost is high, can reach 10 times.” Wu day, Zoom was the size of the burn shop strategy, such as “you are now on their website to download the software, you are free.”

Maodou network Li Ming also stressed the huge investment of Zoom in the construction of the Internet, “they also melt several rounds”. He believes that the majority of the Zoom financing, are invested to build server and algorithm. “Technology is the need to burn, small companies can only do some easy things.”

According to the statistics of Crunchbase, Zoom from its inception in 2011 a total of $160 million including melting, melt the 120 million round of the 2017 D, the lead investor Sequoia capital.

 Just on the NASDAQ soared to Zoom, by what Zhao Changpeng was in love with?

Table: Crunchbase

Dig to Zhejiang doctor, since the research video encoding technology

After networking, with experience is the underlying technology.

The architecture does not use MCU.” Chen Yao here mentioned MCU (multi control unit, a multipoint control unit), is the traditional multiplayer video conferencing equipment mainstream architecture.

According to public information, MCU is essentially a multimedia information exchange. The difference between MCU and ordinary switches that switch to complete the signal is a point-to-point connection, and MCU will complete the multipoint to multipoint switching, tandem or broadcast. The image processing data and voice in a multipoint conference. The format and decide the quality of image and audio.

The Zoom is a CMC video router.

According to the official Zoom technology, this is the Zoom system (including public cloud and private cloud) is one of the most important parts. The CMC provides a video conferencing media exchange platform, is a single point of control signaling and media.

Adaptive mentioned above (AVL – adaptive video layering, namely, adaptive layered video) according to the meeting of the parties of the network bandwidth, the performance of CPU equipment, optimization of video resolution, it is done in the subcontract CMC video switch, Zoom patented technology H.264 SVC video encoding can be dynamically optimized according to the receiver bandwidth and CPU resources.

CMC mainly for packet forwarding, audio codec work all in conference room zoom hardware terminal do.

This and the traditional MCU is different, the traditional video conference system delay, mainly because MCU must do the codec conversion and other processing, increase the meeting time. Zoom CMC video codec to switch the hardware terminal, and the code was optimized. Zoom data is given the maximum delay is not more than 200ms.

Here said the optimization of encoding method, one of the Zoom’s official website is mentioned: to increase the compression strength.

The traditional compression technology slow and can not put files very small, otherwise it will affect the quality.

However, Zoom’s official website said: “Zoom in compression has invested a large sum of money in several years after finally let the compression speed more quickly, the compressed files for more capacity is small, the most important is not affect the video and audio clarity.”

The compression ratio is too high, but if the loss is very terrible. It should mainly rely on redundancy and compensation.” The senior Telecom practitioners said that the video encoding technology in addition to compression, still need to see redundancy and compensation. “Is the same data redundancy, multiple times, or different forms at the same time, especially the key frame, compensation is lost but to think of a way to rebuild the package, or in the middle of a blur make people perceive better.”

Fault tolerance, Zoom packet loss rate reached 20%, also can let users can accept (the prospectus said 40% can also maintain smooth). But before the MCU video program, packet loss rate of the network requirements must be below 1%.

To develop superior encoding technology, also cannot do without CEO to dig under the weight of the people.

“Zoom video encoding is the use of assembly language to write their own.” Wu day revealed that Zoom invited Dr. limbo Zhejiang University to take the lead, the doctor is home to do video encoding algorithm better, do it is a relatively new global video compression algorithm. “By Ling Bo Eric (Yuan Zheng English name) dig to go to Silicon Valley, his family emigrated in the past, now zoom IPO should be financial freedom.”

Heavy sales: low price promotion + make every employee when the sales

However, smooth, adaptive network technology brings new architecture brings effect is not unique to Zoom.

For example, we usually contact the Iqiyi video website, it will automatically adjust the definition.

“Open strategy, the use of the new technology system, plus the right strategy.” Wu day summed up also stressed that in the industry as a whole in the use of the new technology system, many technical effect mentioned above is unique to Zoom, can only say that the solution is different, is not the formation of industry standards.

“The original video industry H.323 protocol has been a long time, in 1999 an Israeli invention, now keep up with the times, a lot of live video companies are from new technology research. Including the Jingdong internal problems by the meeting he made a new agreement, Liu Qiangdong also heard a reward that person; Chen Yao their company’s agreement is new.” Even as the Zoom China agent, Wu day still honestly believes that the industry’s underlying protocol effects are similar.

Indeed, access to public information, Vidyo and other mobile video conferencing provider, is also the main “without expensive old hardware and special network, affordable” features, Zoom light is known, with his unique marketing strategy are inseparable.

“The bottom of the audio and video codec is certainly a lot of patent, this is not to see the effect, can improve the user experience, let you experience to stay ahead.” Li Ming believes that with the technical background of founder Yuan Zheng, let him very main products and experience, rather than the general to B companies that focus on sales.

Experience is very important, but we must pay attention to sales.

Public speaking, Yuan Zheng summary want employees where to develop, he said: “sales oriented.”

“In addition to the sales team, all the others including HR should be always thinking about foreign companies to sell products.” He said, the elevator to see people to recommend zoom; see a neighbor to recommend zoom weekend; sales by mail cannot be deleted, to reply to each other with zoom.

A technology founder, but the sale is very important. This is what I want to learn. This is why Zoom can profit.” Li Ming believes that this is a lot of technology pioneers lack characteristics.

According to the zoom prospectus, the annual cost of sales accounted for more than half of total revenue, and the proportion of two consecutive years of growth. But in the reduction of the proportion of R & D expenses.

 Just on the NASDAQ soared to Zoom, by what Zhao Changpeng was in love with?

As the Northern Light Venture Capital analyst Xu Ning believes that in the enterprise service, as a technology to become standard, “0.1%, 0.2% of the effect is not sufficient to call barriers.” Provide solutions for customers is the core of an enterprise service company.

As Zoom has its own unique sales funnel C to B, and this strategy is consistent with the target customers.

“SaaS model hit the small and medium-sized enterprise development conference system: your pain points.” Li Ming analysis, small and medium-sized enterprises would end with the ordinary C like, is extremely sensitive to the price, willingness to pay is low. At the same time, the small and medium-sized enterprise management personnel, flat, ordinary employees is more likely to affect the company level decision.

Chen Yao added: “they adopt public and press the account sales strategy, greatly reducing the user’s decision time, the market spread rapidly.”

For startups, spending huge sums to buy a conference system, as the first to think about how to live.

This is not what most blocks of chain enterprise’s status? Block chain circle with Zoom a lot, perhaps with Zoom main customers: small and medium-sized enterprises, the relationship of price sensitive, employees of the wide geographical distribution (mean network level).

After the introduction of the Zoom, is not a better understanding of the blockchain circle why love?

I am Odaily reporter for the daily planet editor Lu Xiaoming (lohiuming), the article for any omissions welcome advice, plus friends please note Name, unit, position and reason.

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