Kampuchea began in the block chain force bitcoin upside slowdown

Kampuchea began in the block chain force bitcoin upside slowdown

According to reports, the State Bank of Kampuchea has distributed books technology start-ups Soramitsu signed an agreement to develop the project.

According to today’s announcement, the purpose of cooperation is to develop new payment infrastructure prototypes using distributed technology books. With more and more global central banks began to study the blockchain technology, Soramitsu Co CEOMakotoTakemiya said the central bank has agreed to expand the application just outside the study “.

Soramitsu was founded in 2016 by Iroha Hyperledger of the books management software framework super famous, he said Kampuchea National Bank for the project will be carried out with.

Takemiya said:

“This is very exciting, because they know what the programmer needs of financial institutions, and can help make the application of HyperledgerIroha in the payment system is important.”

For the start-up companies, to continue this cooperation will also be based on previous and Japanese property insurance company SompoJapanNipponkoaHoldings jointly led test carried out for the Central Bank of Kampuchea, also issued a rare public statement on the block chain technology.

As a 2014 PhnomPenhPost report, the Central Bank of Kampuchea before said bitcoin does not accord with the definition of money.

At the same time, many of the world’s central banks are exploring the blockchain technology, including the Central Bank of England, Bank of Holland and the people’s Bank of Chinese announced in the investigation of potential block chain technology.

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