Kharak Carrack launched a bitcoin discount shopping platform

When the currency fell, the owner can use digital currency bitcoin from Jingdong to discount shopping currency prices make up a loss. A month ago, Kharak after the Carrack to prepare for a few months, launched a bitcoin shopping discount platform.

As everyone knows bitcoin initially as a point of cash was invented, and today it is not as a means of payment in daily life, which is mainly in exchange for people to speculate. Carrack’s vision is a virtual currency than to stay in the area of investment, to virtual currency can be used as a real means of payment. Now if you have bitcoin, you can through the use of Carrack services in shopping. This service can be put to the use of virtual money shopping in large shopping site shoppers, and by helping to get shoppers to buy virtual currency buyers, both sides want to complete the deal.

Shoppers from the Jingdong (shopper) shopping, enjoy discounts, Carrack 10%. The discount is low, the more easily traded. The operation steps are simple, choose to buy goods at the end of “Jingdong. Copy and paste the Jingdong page links in the text box, fill in the delivery address, add goods is complete. At this time, shoppers need to be transferred to the bitcoin platform. Other work is handed over to the purchasing platform and completed.

Purchasing (buyer) can be understood as the intermediary between shoppers and Jingdong, they pay to send money for shoppers to buy goods from To confirm the shoppers after receipt of goods, the platform will shoppers pay bitcoin to purchasing. The purchasing power in that can be obtained from outside the bitcoin exchange.

This complex process? Someone will love this way of shopping? The key is whether the purpose of the parties can reach Carrack, may have one of their shopping experience will be better.

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