KinerjaPay and Indonesia bitcoin companies to support bitcoin payment

KinerjaPay and Indonesia bitcoin companies to support bitcoin payment

Indonesia KinerjaPay electronic commerce and payment solutions provider leader, the company decided to cooperate with Indonesia bitcoin, bitcoin payment options to customers.

Customers in Indonesia now available online bitcoin payment, because KinerjaPay has on its platform to add a bitcoin currency as electronic payment options.

KinerjaPay announced a partnership with Indonesia bitcoin bitcoin company to promote its business partners in a recent press conference.

KinerjaPay, in addition to providing online online payment solutions to customers, it also has its own e-commerce portal, where people can direct shopping. KinerjaPay is the first to support bitcoin payment Indonesia e-commerce platform. Now at the time of payment, the customer can take their bitcoin directly and quickly converted into the Indonesian rupiah, transfers or in online shopping.

The development of Kinderjapay electronic commerce or Indonesia

KinerjaPay Indonesia is currently one of the fastest growing electronic payment platform. In the past two months, the company has increased by more than 300% users, soared from about 12000 to 50000 users. According to the company’s report, the daily trading volume are also rising.

Compared the 300 transaction with the previous day, now there are about 1500 transactions, the company is expected to further increase bitcoin payment transactions. At present, many online merchants in Indonesia did not accept the electronic currency payment system, and Indonesia bitcoin companies means that the company’s business cooperation will soon accept bitcoin payments. This will be for bitcoin users more choices.

KinerjaPay in order to make bitcoin more popular, has announced that it will provide a special offer for Indonesia bitcoin customers. With these special preferential plan to convert 150000 of Indonesia bitcoin customers for their customers. Indonesia, most people worried about the credit card, debit card fraud rather than the use of online payment. Provide a large volume of transactions and solve their problems to build trust in KinerjaPay is working through. Like bitcoin, users do not need to share his / her bank account or credit card details, which will provide an attractive option for the public.

As part of a rich reward, the company is also committed to their digital currency mining business, people can dig out the electronic money. When it comes to new development,

KinerjaPay CEO and chairman Edwin said:

This partnership enables us to establish a relationship with the Indonesian bitcoin company members, the bitcoin company currently has more than 150000 accounts. We hope to promote the number of transactions rose on our platform… We are also working on our platform to create a unique bitcoin mining elements, we believe it will be very attractive to our customers and provide a real e-commerce industry competitive advantage for KinerjaPay.”

KinerjaPay continuous innovation to promote the development of Indonesia online payment. Indonesia and bitcoin companies just want to cooperate many Kinderjaya companies, in order to gain the trust of customers, let them change about online payment and electronic money idea. In this area, is expected to have more development quickly.

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