Krypton decided to give up the etheric to bitcoin Fang

Krypton decided to give up the etheric to bitcoin Fang

Krypton, a square block chain Ethernet has announced, based on, in order to protect the KR token due to repeated payment from the exchange to steal, they have decided to take temporary measures. Before the report said, the attacker may attack other etheric square block chain in the same way, for example ETC.

Krypton founder Stephanie Kent? (StephanieKent) said in a statement:

“Krypton is KR from that workshop workload based on Ethernet (PoW) block chain transfer to bitcoin rights based on (PoS) block chain.”

51% Gang attack

Last month, the Krypton block chain by a team of 51crew become anonymous attacks two times.

The gang to a two step attack using a deadly blockchain vulnerability. The first step in an overwhelming force by force is at least 51% of the network, in order to roll back the transaction, then spending again the same currency. The second step is to use the DDoS node to improve network operator.

The attacker has stolen 21465KR.

According to Kent, the vulnerability exists in all of the golang code based on Ethernet square block chain, and the whole network is in a 100GH/s or lower block chain as the goal. Another type of Ethernet Fang encryption currency Shift also has become the 51% similar targets.

She said:

“Krypton, Shift, Soil and Expanse are vulnerable to this attack cryptocurrencies. Some large mines may also attack the ETC in this way.”

Krypton battle

In order to be able to continue to develop after the attack, the Krypton development team has prepared the POS block chain, and Windows and Mac versions of the KR wallet, for storing transferring KR coins.

However, because Krypton is in fact a transfer to a new protocol, so this time is not a simple repair upgrade, Krypton digital will KR replace the old chain Xinlian KR. Krypton has informed the two exchanges in support of KR, Bittrex and Yobit, as Krypton Bittrex has agreed to convert the administrator. Currently, Bittrex only supports KR memory exchange.

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