Kyrgyzstan’s first domestic bitcoin pay company

Kyrgyzstan’s first domestic bitcoin pay company

In the operation of the Kyrgyzstan news agency Sputnik announced that as a test, will use bitcoin to pay staff salary. This is very interesting, because the country’s central bank still prohibits encrypted digital currency.

Although Kyrgyzstan and Russia, bitcoin held a negative attitude, but the Central Asia’s first bitcoin ATM installed in the Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek pizza shop DolceVita.

“State control of money is a throwback. The human is developing rapidly, no longer need supervision and law enforcement equipment. The modern society has the ability to self regulate, “economic analyst and Gyrgyzstan IskanderSharsheev said the owner password exchange.

“In the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, the only legal currency in China is the Kyrgyzstan. The use of “virtual currency, bitcoin, especially in the Kyrgyz Republic as a means of payment will be in violation of the laws of our country,” said on behalf of the central bank.

Kyrgyzstan is located in central asia. Surrounded by land and mountains, bordering Kyrgyzstan and Northern Kazakhstan, Western Uzbekistan, southwest Tajikistan and China Eastern border. It is the capital and largest city of Bishkek. In addition, the country was formerly part of the Soviet union.

The Kyrgyz authorities through the concern of experts ArkadyDubnov Russia and Central Asia to talk about the law. According to Mr Dubnov, this is mainly due to several problems. First of all, Kyrgyzstan is the region’s most Russian state. Another major partner may be China, but between China and Kyrgyzstan contact is not strong. Secondly, Kyrgyzstan is entering the Eurasian Economic union. “When Kyrgyzstan wants to join the organization, Russia has made some concessions to the conditions. Kyrgyzstan is now under the law framework of the alliance price to pay, “Dubnov explained.


“To start using this money, at least we need to know who understand these techniques. When you can’t know how to use bitcoin person, only the brave and capable people began to use bitcoin. Sputnik as the experiment will start using bitcoin payment. If you want to succeed in the 5 – 10 years, you should start now, “ said.

The news editor in chief CoinTelegraph GeorgeGor comments:

“Kyrgyzstan has taken measures towards the future. CoinTelegraph media began to use bitcoin payment before most other media; if you have an international team from around the world, this is the best way of payment. CoinTelegraph is a decentralized payment system, the amount of money depends on the amount of reading for each article.”

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