Large investment institutions to get into the bitcoin money profit increase

Large investment institutions to get into the bitcoin money profit increase

In March this year, bitcoin investment trusts in the OTC group (OTC Markets) after the listing, including investment institutions Citadel securities in Chicago and New Jersey KCG holding companies have started to buy bitcoin investment trust shares. Although virtual currency related regulations are not in place, but recently more and more large investment institutions began to invest in bitcoin (bitcoin) market, so that the outside world to see the bitcoin price volatility has slowed down, the future profit potential increase.

Chicago DRW holding company The digital investment Asset Holding Companies started in March this year, bitcoin specializes in providing financial services. In addition, DRW subsidiary Cumberland Mining & Materials also began to try to use encrypted currency transactions.

KCG spokesman Thorne (Sophie Sohn) said, in addition to bitcoin investment trust, is also actively looking for bitcoin related investment opportunities. Citadel securities company said that only invest in bitcoin trust put investment targets at present.

Another bitcoin Investment Trust shares of Wedbush securities company also said that the good method of investment trust is the first time into the bitcoin market.

In 2009 by the anonymous bitcoin software engineers to develop in recent years in the global attention, and was rushed to the previous price highs, but because of this kind of virtual currency, many hidden security risks, and often become cybercrime tools, so far the price volatility.

Although the world has more than 100 thousand bitcoin transactions, but the use of bitcoin in the mainstream consumer market rate very little, also makes many investors off. Recently, large investment institutions have been put into the bitcoin market is encouraging investor confidence, but the market is still a lack of bitcoin buyers and sellers, the transaction volume is high.

Headquartered in New York, co-founder of the global trading system Rubenstein (Ari Rubenstein) said that the company of bitcoin transactions for a long time, but the authorities are still waiting for the official opening market. He said: no one can guarantee bitcoin market after take-off will flourish, although everyone agrees that this market has great potential.

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