Las Vegas is a club with bitcoin payment

Las Vegas is a club with bitcoin payment


Webcam: accept bitcoin payment has been for many years, but now the money finally from the digital world into the night.

The men’s club near Strip LegendsRoom will use the bitcoin currency as well as their club and etheric LGD currency. Club timely promotion of new payment, looks like a huge PR stunt, and FloydMayweather and ConorMcGregor on the edge of the fight on Saturday.

Anything you want to watch the August 26th Club people can use mobile phone to pay $150 in coins, as the entrance fee.

All fees can be paid after admission using encrypted currency, including drinks, tips, dance show. If you have been from the bitcoin market profit, perhaps can afford the members area location. The cost is 5000 LGD tokens, can also be used in cash, credit card, entrance bitcoin, Ethernet and LGD payment currency. Mashable said, a LGD price $2.15.

If the above is not enough. So also in futurism, got a temporary tattoo QR code. You can scan two-dimensional code with mobile phone. The body of the tip. Welcome to the future.

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