Li Xiong: stand in the future bitcoin value

Li Xiong: stand in the future bitcoin value

What is the value of bitcoin? Bitcoin business for many years, often asked all sorts of questions, these questions to and fro all cannot do without the following:

What is bitcoin?

How do you understand bitcoin?

Recently, bitcoin prices will rise?

Now buy bitcoin right?

To buy bitcoin can earn money?

Do you think other reliable investment currency?

Well, ask so many questions, I think your answer is meaningless, even tell you my opinion, there is no eggs, because you can’t believe, you even think bitcoin now return to zero is the best, the best country banned, isn’t it?

In the past bitcoin who?

Talking about this issue, presumably a lot of people think that bitcoins are in the early stage of currency speculation, traders, foreign exchange arbitrage these hands, because contact early, so a lot of money to hold the reality, instead, they probably had emptied their wallet, and even some people therefore lose so they are not in a complete mess. Bitcoin, then bitcoin in whose hands?

1, early bitcoin contacts

These people really forget their bitcoin wallet, had forgotten password. Because they are one of the earliest contact bitcoin people, think of the things fresh, download the wallet to dig coins on your computer, then play money aside, busy go. Etc. bitcoin after the fire up, oh, forgot wallet password too late for regrets. Let us say that I is one example. I don’t know how much money, may have been the currency, Hou wan. According to incomplete statistics, the whole network has lost millions of a bitcoin.

2, Geeks

We know that many in the industry are technical background Hou million dollars, one of them is the first contact with bitcoin, bitcoin behind their technology is very fascinating, began to use the computer to dig bitcoin, but because bitcoin early worthless, using ten thousand bitcoin only for a pizza coupon to now ten thousand bitcoin has for $about 10000000, but because of earlier get bitcoins, now they’re really rich.

3, Fiat defier

This kind of people is to fully understand the nature of economics a currency war, the state by controlling the monetary control people’s wealth, in order to get rid of the fate of being controlled, has been looking for alternative currencies, until bitcoin, firmly believe that the value of bitcoin will continue to be recognized, and it is the only way to fight the yuan at present, so they firmly the bitcoin pulled in hand, until today, their money is really valuable.

So, bitcoins are among the three categories of people, they have in common are holding coins, and after all kinds of roller coaster prices completely indifferent.

The future of bitcoin value?

Many people are interested in this problem, think in accordance with the heart, bitcoin prices should go to eight, or $may be higher, but the feeling can really achieve? If the bitcoin as investment goods, such as paintings, stamps, antiques, maybe in the future there may be not worth a hair is very valuable. In order to prove theoretically that bitcoin future value, the key to see the following two points:

Use 1, bitcoin

If bitcoin is not being used, which is not recognized, its value is zero, there are at least two or more people recognized its value and use to exchange, bitcoin will have greater use value, the greater the value. We look at the dollar, the RMB currency system, it is a piece of paper, but the people of the world recognized it, and use it to buy goods, so it will have a value.

According to this theory, the use of the scope of bitcoin decided whether to expand, the future value, I think the future is the use of bitcoin will expand its appreciation potential. Although bitcoin in many countries is limited, but some countries slowly accept bitcoin, bitcoin used as a currency, such as Japan, South Korea and other countries.

2, the scarcity of bitcoin

How bitcoin people know, the total amount of bitcoins from the beginning of creation is set to 21 million, unlike most currency, bitcoin does not depend on the specific issue of monetary institutions, according to a specific algorithm, produced by a large amount of computation, the bitcoin economy using distributed database of many nodes in the entire P2P network to identify and record the transaction all actions, design and use of cryptography to ensure the safety of all aspects of the circulation of money. P2P to the center of the characteristics and the algorithm itself can ensure not by making bitcoin to a large number of currency manipulation. Based on cryptography design can make bitcoin can only be transferred or paid real owners. This is also to ensure the anonymity of the currency ownership and circulation transactions. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, the total number is very limited, with strong scarcity.

So, regardless of technological progress, the algorithm has been tampered or attacked, the future of bitcoin is scarce, its value will be used as the user to expand the scope, and the total economic growth and become more valuable.

To sum up, can earn money not be held in bitcoin on the past, the key is to look at the future investment, if in the current speculative environment, feel the risk is big, you can take the investment way, and then hold the hands of the bitcoin, in the future you will become very rich.

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