Like bitcoin, the ecology of PI coin is the future of blockchain

#The term “ecosystem” is well known to all. Its concept comes from biology and is used to describe the impact of biological communities and their relationship with their environment. Nowadays, the word can also be extended to blockchain applications (digital virtual currency), where the ecosystem involves different actors, including the interaction between participants, the decentralized application of participants and blockchain, and the relationship between participants and the external real world. A typical blockchain may have many participants: investors, organizations, exchanges, developers, engineers, absenteeism, users, etc. Without this condition, the blockchain network will become useless, so the transaction is the core of the blockchain network. The public chain (underlying operating system) of PI belongs to public chain technology, and it is an independent public chain. The developer of PI network also mentioned in the white paper that in the future, all members will jointly maintain it, promote the cryptocurrency market all over the world, create a point-to-point commercial payment system, and promote the development of the world’s economy and trade! Up to now, in the main network, in the digital currency exchange, in addition to hyping the price, there has not been a cryptocurrency with independent public chain, perfect smart contract, point-to-point fast payment transaction, and encryption digital currency to meet the needs of the public! Among them, Ben Cong said that he invented a peer-to-peer financial transfer system, including cryptography experts, few people would believe it. When PI was just born in 2019, few people could understand it, even the big money circle was making sarcastic remarks! Up to now, most people, including the majority of Pai friends, still can’t understand PI. A huge iceberg appears in front of you, but 95% of its area is hidden in the water. What you see is only the tip of the iceberg! With the development plans announced by the developers in succession, in fact, in order to ensure the safe and stable development of the project, many developed procedures have not been published, and the active miners in the world have already broken through the 10 million mark. Released this morning is the development of KYC (real name authentication) program. Some people have long said that it takes only three years to see the whole picture of PI network. With new applications emerging, it is true! As tens of millions of users continue to enter the ecosystem of Pai, Pai coin will become more and more scarce and more valuable. Choice is greater than hard work. If you work hard today, you can only solve the problem of clothing, food, housing and transportation, and may not be able to turn over. Who have you seen working hard from morning till night? When it comes to Taoists and bureaucrats, learning and choosing can expand your cognition. How much you know about the world can determine how much wealth you have in your hands in the future! In the era of blockchain, when the development speed is the m power of N, this time may be further shortened, and the time window may be compressed to less than three years, such as 1-3 years. Taking Ethereum as an example, Ethereum has only developed for 2-3 years today, but its market value has exceeded 100 billion RMB. Although bitcoin has developed for 10 years, it has grown tens of millions of times in the past 10 years. If we take three years as the boundary, it will also grow hundreds of times and thousands of times. Therefore, it can be inferred that under the superposition of this power-law law, if the blockchain industry in the future comes out with explosive projects, it is likely to form an explosion in a very short period of time, and it is possible that the growth time will be within one to three years. In a short time, I am worried that some projects may not be developed and completed by themselves. Once they find out the business positioning, find their own breakthrough, and build the relevant ecology, many traditional formed projects will rely on the past and exchange traffic. The company with a market value of 10 billion may appear in the short term. The most important thing in the blockchain is to build a good ecology. This is because good blockchain ecology can make the project stable for a long time In order to reflect the practical application value of blockchain, is the ecological construction of blockchain good or bad? Whether the project is perfect or not is the most important factor to measure the quality of the project.

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