London could become the global bitcoin Center

London could become the global bitcoin Center

  In London, an organization called CoinScrum, a bitcoin enthusiasts formed a club meets regularly on every Tuesday evening, to discuss the idea of industry. The capsule was nearly 2000 to the London as the bitcoin trading center person.

In a month the British government announced the implementation of bitcoin strict supervision plan, all departments have said they want to make London a digital currency center desire. Support bitcoin seems to be equal in support of financial innovation and leadership, although officials should be clarified, according to regulations to prevent the use of encryption currency crime.

It is worth noting that, at present in London about global currency trading volumes in with $five trillion, and San Francisco and New York to compete with the world’s financial technology toubajiaoyi.

Their meetings attract bitcoin equally interested in young people. Block chain founder Nicholas Cary believes that if London did not become the bitcoin industry center, it will be a historic mistake, for hundreds of years it has been the birthplace of financial innovation.

Compared with New York, London’s attitude towards digital currency more open. “This is a very positive attitude, this is a great innovation, but we have to take some legal means to prevent money laundering. Our technical staff and cooperation in the industry, the construction of to this point.” The United States money center executive director Jerry Brito said.

However, the management mechanism of the city of London has said, the authorities need to strengthen the monitoring of the bitcoin transactions, in order to find the potential abuse or evidence of criminal behavior.

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