Looking back on 2020: bitcoin soared, tsla. US soared, crude oil futures closed negative for the first time in history!

In 2020, the new market value of global stock market will be about 15 trillion US dollars, and the total market value will exceed 100 trillion US dollars for the first time in history. Analysts point out that the new market value of global stock markets in 2020 is a coincidence figure, because global liquidity soared by about $15 trillion in 2020. At a time when most of the world is struggling to cope with soaring unemployment and slowing economic growth, 0.001% of the world’s people benefit from this unprecedented period of wealth creation. According to the data, in 2020, the net assets of the 500 richest people in the world will increase by 1.8 trillion US dollars to 7.6 trillion US dollars, equivalent to an increase of 31%. This is the largest annual increase of the index in eight years, and it is also a jump of 3 trillion US dollars from the lowest point of the market in March. In 2020, the U.S. dollar “stands out” among asset classes (which has fallen too much), while bonds and gold and silver perform well. Technology stocks soared more than 40% in 2020 after falling more than 20% at their lowest point in March. Energy stocks have been hit hard, falling more than 35% in 2020. Bitcoin soared (up about 300% in the year, the best year since 2017), but Ethereum was the biggest winner in 2020, up more than 470% (and the recent collapse of ripobi was one of the biggest collapses in encryption History). Of course, the cryptocurrency boom this year is definitely a bubble, but the 745% surge in Tesla. Us is supported by “Fundamentals” (as to whether there is such a surge, it depends on one’s imagination). Tesla dominates 2020, with $6.6 of every dollar traded on Wall Street going to the automaker. US Treasury yields collapsed in 2020, and although the long end did pick up, they fell 75 basis points during the year (the biggest annual drop in yields since 2014). During the year, all treasury bond yields reached record lows, but the most noteworthy one was that on March 9, 30-year bond yields were below 100 basis points and 10-year bond yields were below 50 basis points. After the yield crash, there were about $18 trillion in negative yield bonds around the world. This year, crude oil futures have made headlines for many times, the most remarkable being that on April 20, it closed negative for the first time in history. Although gold reached a new high and silver rose a lot in 2020, it was still far below the peak in 2011. (source: Zhitong finance and Economics website)

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